Have I Been Bad?

Tell me what you think.  Have I been bad?

I went to visit San Antonio and I always go to Target and Ross in every city I visit (I know, my friends say I need my head examined).  Look what I found in their Target.  It all came from the $1 bins too!

They had these super cute plant pokes!

And these too!

Best of all they had my favorite garden gloves for $1 each!  I am not sure if it was Spring fever or what but I bought nearly every pair they had.  I felt a bit guilty so I left 2 or 3 pair for someone else.  Just in case you have seen them and wondered if they are any good, let me assure you they are great.  I had 3 pair last year and I washed them often and they are still going strong.  They only came in green last year but this year, I was thrilled to find them in lime, hot pink, electric blue, and bright orange.

I am going to town tomorrow and you know what?  I think that if I find them at my local Target I might just buy all those too.  

Until Next Time
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Darla said...

What adorable finds here!!!

Sunray Gardening said...

I don't blame you. Great finds and you have to grab your deals when you get the chance. Last year I found some great deals on gloves at Lowe's and bought out the few pairs they had sitting there.
Goldenray Yorkies

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What wonderful finds and so colorful. Just what we need to get into that gardening mood. I love the plant stakes.
You will have us all running to Target now. LOL!

Shyrlene said...

This is simply the coolest impulse buy I've ever seen. LOVE it!

Grace Peterson said...

Heck no you haven't been bad! Most of us gardeners love a bargain too and you scored big time, girl. Makes me want to visit my local Target to see if they have them. Love the PINK ones the best. Bravo!!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

You found a bargain and got a steal. I might have done the same thing had I seen them...that's a great price. They were practically giving them away;-)

cathy@home said...

that is not being bad i just wish i lived near a target realy great colors it certainly made me smile

The Rustic Victorian said...

How fun, you could have a different color on each hand...and when you get company they can help, you be ready! What a bargan too!