A Dreamy Vision

Do you ever have an idea of how something will be?  A dreamy vision of perfection?

Do you plan it out, spending time working out every perfect detail in your mind?

Then, when you finally begin to realize that longed for moment; does it look more like this?  Are things just not what you thought they would be?  Or maybe things don't look so bad until you look a bit closer...and then you realize...

the part you thought would be the very best is broken or messed up.  Does this cause you to wonder why the bad seems to always come your way?  Have you ever looked at the lives of others and wondered why them and not me or maybe  you feel like giving up?

Let me share a little secret with you...life is not perfect...there are always going to be trials and challenges and even mess ups.  We all have them.  The difference between those who seem to have things work out for them and those who do not is their reaction.  When those trials come we can let it wound us and take us down or we can let it be our stepping stone up.   I am not talking about just positive thinking.  I am talking about learning to enjoy the process rather than just the outcome.  I am also speaking about seeing each challenge as an opportunity.  When I went to gather eggs I was anticipating perfect, beautiful colored eggs in a pretty basket.  What I found was a chicken pen that was muddy,  eggs everywhere but in the laying box and covered in mud (and whatever)...instead of letting it get me down I saw it as an opportunity to spend some time with my beloved hens and roosters.  The more time I spend with them the more tame they will be and they can learn to trust me.  I was thankful for such a nice day to gather,  The mud meant that our drought was over and Spring is one day closer.  I don't mind washing those eggs because they look so pretty on my counter drying on a pretty dish towel.  That broken egg became a snack for my kitties who thoroughly enjoyed it and their fur will be very soft and shiny because of all the broken eggs they eat.  


Look at how beautiful the outcome is too.  Now, I appreciate it even more because I realize there were a few challenges that had to be overcome.  I also have memories that are happy to remember simply because I chose to enjoy the process rather than mumble and grumble.  This works even in times of great stress (I know because I have tried it then too)  I have done it both ways and I have decided that I prefer to find the blessings hidden for me everywhere in every situation, if I will just look for them.
Until Next Time
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VintageNSoul said...

Beautifully put! Your blog is so pretty and I LOVE your header!!! I will be stopping by again.

Diane said...

Debbie, thank you for visiting my blog and for taking time to make a comment. Your comments here in your post are so appreciated! That's me in your photo...the egg with the dent in it! ;-)

Mary said...

Oh, your eggs are so beautiful -- such lovely, soft colors! And thank you for the gentle lesson as well. I always think our small joys are made so much brighter if they come as the result of a little hardship...

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Debbie,
What an inspirational post! Your eggs are beautiful; such delicate colours! I appreciate you sharing such an encouraging post today. Our journey is never without its hurdles and it's best if we stop and look for the hidden blessings in them. Thank you and thanks for your visit.


lvroftiques said...

Such a great point! And such beautiful eggs that you'd never think they'd ever been anything but perfect......*winks* Loved your story! Vanna