What a year!

Whew!  We have not finished January yet and it has already been quite a year.  Some of you may already know that I lost a beloved Aunt the day after Christmas.  That was a bit of a shock and brought much sadness to our family.  We were not able to mourn and stop as would be expected.  We had to kick into action because my Aunt lived in a rented home, which meant that we had to take care of all her things quickly.  She was quite the collector and she along with my grandparents before their deaths had lived in that house for around 40 years or so.  You can imagine the job that lay ahead.

My mother and her two brothers and all their spouses stayed there for about 3 weeks sorting, and packing and donating, and getting ready for a large estate sale.  I went down for the days of the sale to help them out.  It was a very bittersweet time for us.  We enjoyed the time together so much and yet it was still sad.  It really hit me hard when they began to load my grandmother's dining room furniture.  That was pretty much the last thing to go and I realized we would never meet at her house again.  So many years, so many memories...yes, I wept (but it wasn't hormones this time).   I wept in mourning for my aunt, my grandparents, and all the days with my family.  I also wept because we had missed so many as well.  It seems that our families have all become so busy and scattered across the country that we were not meeting together much anymore.  How did we let that happen?  I am determined to change that if I can.  I love my family and I want to be closer to them.  Hopefully this year we can take steps to make that happen.

This is an oil painting that has hung in my Grandparent's and Aunt's home as long as I can remember.  No one in the family had claimed it and it was going into the sale.  I just couldn't bear to see it go out of the family.  (I was that way about lots of things)  I was quite the salesman.  Not actually selling things but calling my family or talking to the members present and convincing them to take one item or another.  We don't have one of those greedy kinds of families that are all about grabbing what they can and fighting over anything.  Instead, they thought about each item carefully and tried to determine if they truly had a place for it or need for it in their homes.  Thankfully, I was able to talk them into taking some things for their kids to have in their homes.  I brought this painting and another one home.   I had at first declined (thinking I didn't have the wall space for it)  but then I began to think of a perfect spot for it.  I hung it over my own chair and moved a smaller portrait of my Great Aunt to another place.  I am so glad I changed my mind.  We did actually sell quite a lot.  It was fun seeing people buy things that they would enjoy.  It makes me feel good to know that all those beautiful things found homes where they will bless their new owners.

I hope you will draw closer to your family if possible.  It is so easy to become scattered and separated.  I know how families can be.  All families have their funny quirks, and warts, and ugly, but there are beautiful things that we can embrace too.  I know it can be hard sometimes but look closer.  Find the lovely and the good things in your family and celebrate them.  Until Next Time.
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Marydon said...

Lovely write, Debbie. Sorry for your loss, may she enjoy her stay with the angels.

We had a fabulous blizzard yesterday, 15" of that gorgeous fluffy stuff ... yippee!

Have a great day ~

Liz said...

Hi Debbie,
What a bitter sweet post. I am so sorry for your loss. I am very close to my aunts as well. It is good advise. Time is so together is so precious.


June said...

I'm sorry to hear of your aunt's passing Debbie. Spending this time getting things taken care of for her must have been special (even if hard)
I love family time. We have reunions every year and my sisters (and SIL) get together regularly. It is very important to me. Unfortunately though, it seems we are meeting at funeral services more and more these days, as the old get older and we take their place.
I am so glad that you made room for the beautiful painting as a remembrance.
sending hugs