There Is More in Colorado City, Texas Than The Headlines Say!

It has been quite a busy time already this year.  I have been dashing here and there taking care of family business and friends.  That is part of who I am.  When someone needs me I just drop what I am doing and dash off to help them if I can.  One of these little trips took me to Colorado City, Texas.  Many of you may have seen this little Texas town in the news lately, especially if you watch Nancy Grace.  Sadly, there is a young teen girl, Hailie Dunn, that has gone missing.  I did intercede for her and her family while I was there.  It is such a sad and scary time for that family and that small town.  I want to point out though that although the news media has done a fair amount of bashing that little town and their police force, I want you to know that it isn't quite the backwoods kind of place that the media has portrayed it to be.  Colorado City is not the most gorgeous place I have ever been, but, it does have it's charm.   A good friend of mine said of Colorado City, "If the people get any friendlier then I will have to move in with them."  That is so true.  They are friendly loving people.  The story you are not seeing in the news is how that little town has pulled together  to help find that little girl.  They are dedicating countless man hours searching, printing fliers, putting out ribbons and bears in her honor and many other things.  They are cooking and preparing and serving meals to the many law enforcement officers there.  As for the reports of unethical behavior by officers in that community, you need to understand this is a very small town.  People know their neighbors and the people across the town too.  It is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone.   It really is like living in a place that is a cross of Andy Griffith and In The Heat of The Night.  There are a few bad things that happen but over all the little town is not a dangerous place to live.  People watch out for each other and help each other!  

Aside from the case that has grabbed headlines I want you to know what a great place Colorado City, Texas is.  It is a town full of turn of the century homes.  It is a town where you can buy a huge and very nice home for prices that would make your mouth water.  It has a really nice school system where kids are not lost in the system.  The kind of school that lives Friday Night Lights.  (It is such a Texas thing, I know.)   One of my favorite things about Colorado City is that one of my best friends lives there.  One of my other favorite things about Colorado City is the shopping.  Yes, it is a very small Texas town of about 5,000 people.  In spite of it's size, Colorado City is my absolute favorite place in the world to go antique shopping.  It is a very well kept secret just how great a place it is to go antiquing.  It is so great that I even hesitate to tell you about it because I don't want it to change it's greatness.  You see, I can go buy really nice antiques and vintage items for a song!  I am not kidding.  They are so reasonable on their prices that I find it really hard to buy antiques elsewhere.  Every where I go, I find myself wondering how much less I would pay if I found it in Colorado City.  Most of the time I end up waiting to find out.  Just this last week I found this lovely old picture.  I don't usually buy old pictures of people I do not know but something about this one just spoke to me.  It reminded me of times I had sat with my own family or friends under a large shade tree and laughed and talked.   It reminded me of Colorado City, a place that is good for family and friends.  A place that will always be special in my heart.

I would like to offer this vintage picture for FREE to any of you who would like to copy and use it.  I give you permission to use it online or in crafts and yes you can even sell the crafts.  I do ask that you would please give me a link if you use the picture online.  I would also love to see any projects you use it in.  One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing how very creative you can be.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this post. I'm 48 & live in Reno, NV. HOWEVER...I grew up in C-City. That little ugly, beautiful town fills my heart and soul.

That photo reminds me SO MUCH of so many pictures I have in a trunk from my elder past-on relatives.

You are SO RIGHT about the antiques too hahaha. I have a set of canisters on my granite countertop that I purchased from one of those very antique stores there...SWEET!

Somehow...I think God just smiles on Colorado City each day. It was my home and always will be...

texasdaisey said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love C City too. I have made many trips there to visit friends and spend much time praying for C City when I am there. It is a good place to raise children and the people are wonderful. God does smile on Colorado City.

SuzanTX said...

I live in El Paso & always look forward to stopping in Colorado City on my trips to go antiquing with my aunt in the Branson, Mo area. The people are VERY friendly and and I have found some really nice bargains there. One thing I remember most is the beautiful stained glass window that I picked up there even though I felt my Suburban was really packed to the brim. The price was so good I just couldn't pass it up. It's a small place but definately worth the stop!

Debra Howard said...

Suzan, thank you for stopping by. I know the feeling. I can not think of one trip to visit Colorado City that I didn't come home with something. The prices are just fantastic and so many cute shops for such a small town.