Forgiveness is Life

Have you ever had someone do you wrong?  Maybe it was betrayal, or deception, or  harm, or even gossip?  At some point in our lives we have all been wronged.  It happens to all of us...It does not matter how perfect a person's life may seem from the outside, I can assure you that they have been wronged at least once and in some instances they may have been wronged many times.  What should we do when that happens?  

Close the Door To Negative Effects of being wronged and Open The Door To Life with the Key of  ForgivenessI have lived through betrayal, and many instances of  being wronged.  Pretty much everything on the list above and more.  I am not sure exactly why but I have my theory about why (that is for another day).  There have been times when someone did me wrong and it did harm to my family too.  That can really get a Mama upset.  There have been a few times even when the person  who wronged me was not sorry and then there were other times when they were.  One thing about being wronged that I have learned is that there are many ways it can happen.  It can be intentional, unintentional, and lots of things in between.  Because I have had so much practice being the one wronged and being the one who wronged, I have learned some really valuable lessons.  The most valuable lesson is hands down, forgiveness.  I have learned to give it because there have been so many times when I needed it myself.  Forgiveness doesn't say "It is OK that you hurt me"  but rather, "you hurt me but I choose to forgive you."  When I was unable to forgive I found out that I became captive to the effects of being wronged.  It caused negative feelings, and reactions in me that became like being on a  horrible treadmill of negative emotions.  I went through them over and over and over.  When I was finally able to forgive it released me from that terrible treadmill.  It allowed me to find joy, and hope again.  Forgiveness...that word is sweet to my ears.  "I forgive you."  Try those words out sometime.  You will see what I mean when I say they are sweet words.  They will bring sweetness and life back into your life because if we don't forgive then we become bitter.  Bitterness brings death and anger, and depression.  Who wants to live with those over and over?  I have decided to choose life.  For me, forgiveness is a key that opens a door to life.

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French-Kissed said...

Beautifully said...forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.


Beach Vintage.com said...

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx