Living Clay

I am so excited to tell you about this product!  I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine asking me to go over to her house to meet someone.  I was in my PJ's and didn't really want to change because it was a pretty cold night and I was pretty much tucked in for the night but she convinced me to go on over. (that means she had to let me stay in my PJ's)  I then got the pleasure of meeting a delightful woman who had lived in Seymour many years ago.  We talked about many things but among those things she told me about her company "Living Clay"  She gave me a taste test and by morning I was sold.  I immediately got online and ordered some Living clay for myself.  It arrived in 2 days and it was packaged beautifully!  I know you are wondering what in the world has me so excited about clay.  It is just simply a wonderful product and I haven't even had time to try out it's many uses.  I was impressed by what it did to my digestive system overnight.  I gave a sample to my daughter one evening and by morning she was convinced too.  It makes wonderful facials, it has healing properties, it is negative ion charged and so it attracts the muck and yuck in your body and takes it right out the back side (and not in a bad way either).  I hear it is wonderful to take a bath in too. That is my next thing to try.  You can buy it in powder form and mix the facial or drink it in the liquid of your choice or take a bath in it.  You can even brush your teeth with it and I have been told it will amaze your dentist with its ability to keep plaque off your teeth.  I could go on and on but I feel their website can do a better job of explaining everything.  You can find it here.  Ladies don't miss out on this one because I hear this is one of the secrets at some of those fancy spas!

I did not receive any compensation in any form from Living Clay for this recommendation.  This is my own opinion.
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