Secrets of Miller Creek Reservoir

There is a little jewel in Baylor County, Texas that I would like to share with you called Miller Creek Reservoir.  

It isn't the largest lake around.

But I have been told that it is the best lake in Texas for fishing.

The surroundings are absolutely Texas beautiful!

There are mesquite trees in abundance.

There are even a few Texas cattle around.

There are scads of Texas wildflowers in a rainbow of colors.

And who could argue with this beauty?

There are several who love to visit here for all types of water sports and camping and, friendly fun as well as the fishing.

While we were there, we saw so many beautiful things that I could remark on; but somehow I feel the pictures can do most of my speaking this time.

It is a place where beauty abounds!

Look at what we saw!  It is a woodpecker.

We spent several minutes watching him crawl up and down the trees looking for a snack.

Everywhere we drove we saw the bones of campfires from friendly gatherings.  I wonder if they were here from the neighboring town of Seymour, or Munday, or somewhere far away?  I can just imagine the wonderful memories they made here.

Miller Creek is a place that I will definitely visit again!
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Carmie of the Single Nester said...

I love lighthouses! So much so that I think in a past life I was a lighthouse keeper's wife.