Lake Heffner

I have been travelling to Oklahoma City all my life and this weekend I found a beautiful place in Oklahoma City that was unknown to me.  This gorgeous jewel of Oklahoma City was Lake Heffner

When I found this beautiful place I was surprised and intrigued. I decided to make a point of stopping by and checking it out.

What I found was a gorgeous lake that was maintained with excellence and beauty.

There is a walking/jogging/biking trail that called to me.  I didn't have time to enjoy this part of the lake for more than a few moments but I would definitely use it if I lived in Oklahoma City.  This part alone would definitely make it worth the drive across the city to spend time exercising in such a gorgeous spot.

I especially loved the little light house feature of the lake.

The lake had so many benefits to offer.  There were people walking, jogging, biking, fishing, and even sailing.

When doing some research on the lake I even discovered a sailing club.  What a fun place.  I would love to have such a lovely place like this to enjoy close to my home.

In addition to all the things I have named already there are several restaurants, a children's playground,  a golf course and a Golf club.

Oh how I wish I had more time that day to really explore and walk the path.  It was such a gorgeous Autumn day and the sights around me were so alluring.

The views were spectacular and I could imagine how wonderful a bike ride or hike would be in this beautiful place.

I bet it is a great place to visit in all seasons.  The birds were plentiful, and all the trees and views were spectacular.  This place still beckons to me to come back and spend more time.

You can be sure that when I return to Oklahoma City that I will definitely try to return to this beautiful place.

If you live in Oklahoma City and do not make use of this gorgeous lake then let me encourage you to visit.  I think you will be enamored with this beautiful lake just as I was.

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Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a pretty and peaceful place! blessings,Kathleen