Easy Christmas Wreath Project

Look what my daughter did with some garage sale Christmas ornaments!  I bought the ornaments for less than $5 this last summer.  We started with a grapevine wreath.  We began to glue the ornaments onto the wreath with hot glue.  We kept filling in spots till this is what we had!  Didn't it turn out pretty!  I like to use ornaments that are not all the exact same size or shape because it gives the wreath more interest.  I do recommend that you start with the larger ones and spread them out all over the wreath and then fill in with the smaller ones last.  This is an easy project and was finished in about an hour.
Until Next Time
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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Great Job and very creative too!
I think I may give that a try!
Happy Thanksgiving,

My Serendipity said...

Love those ornaments! Very cute wreath!

Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

Oh I love that! I did a similar one last year only it didn't have as many ornaments - I hot glued them on a faux Christmas wreath. I like yours better.