Birds and Fowl in The Garden

I thought I would share a few quick shots from my garden this week.  Here in Texas the weather is a bit bipolar.  One day it will be cool enough for a sweater and the next it will be warm enough to turn on the air conditioning.  That is okay because I am enjoying every bit of our beautiful weather lately.  They sky is so blue and it makes me happy.

My mums have burst forth into bloom and they are beautiful.  It is usually about this time that I am wishing I had planted more fall colored flowers.  I am thinking I need to add more oranges and reds.  Maybe some day I can get my fall display to be as beautiful as the Springtime.  It is so important to plan out your garden and coordinate your colors and bloom times.  I have always been one to just plop things down and hope for the best but a friend of mine convinced me of how useful it is to put it on paper first.  It helps you plan the heights, colors, bloom times, and space out to be the very best it can be.

Planning it out will also help you keep from wasting money on flowers that really do not suit your garden.  It is so easy to get distracted by all the beautiful plants at the garden center.  I must admit that I tend to be a collector of plants.  I have to be very careful or I will have plants that do not suit my garden at all.  Planning it out on paper helps me stay focused.

It is nearly time to move all my chickens to a warmer place.  I like to put them all together for winter so they can help to keep each other warm.  It will be quite a day getting them moved.  It is quite comical to see me chasing chickens with my butterfly net.  Yes, I use a butterfly net to scoop them up.  It is the best way I have found to catch them.  

These hens can be quite quick when they want to be. 

This is Sophie and Sullie.  My daughter bought them for me for Christmas.  They are pink dove.  They are not really truly pink.  I think it is more of a pinkish tan color.  But they are called pink dove.  I love the cooing sound they make in the evening.  They are such a sweet pair.  sometimes they will let me hold them.

I haven't thought of any good names for these two yet.  Do you have any good names?  I have so many critters that sometimes it gets tough to come up with names.  The blue parakeet is a boy and the green one is a girl.  Hmmmmmm?  I would love to hear your ideas.  Well, I had better go for now.  I have tons of things to get done before winter comes.
Until Next Time

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Jan Markham said...

I just love visiting here with you. It's almost like being with you. It brings me to a peaceful and relaxing spot and at the feet of a great teacher. You are such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and love what I have seen so far of your flowers and pets.Your pink doves look very much like our Collared Doves here in the UK.
I also like your Budgerigars and a couple of names I have come across for a male budgie has been Joey or Bobby,but havn't heard any female names as most people want males as they make the best talkers and don't have painful bites like the female budgies....