Acorns Everywhere & How I Deal With Them

My gardening year is winding down now.  It is almost time to put those beds to sleep for the winter.  I almost have all the critters winter places ready for them to be tucked in.  I washed down the windows one more time hoping the spiders are done spinning their webs.

I do have a bit of a mess though.  I have acorns everywhere.  This has been a really great year for them.  They are coming down so fast some days I think there may be hail outside when I hear them thunk against the roof.

They can really make a mess everywhere.  They can also be quite dangerous for older folks.  They call acorns and pecans "hip breakers" at the hospital.  Older folks are always coming in injured from falls caused by tripping on acorns or pecans.

I guess I could fuss about the trees making such a mess everywhere.  Soon they will be dropping their leaves everywhere too making an even larger mess but ...

I just can not argue with this beauty.  They give me so much pleasure.  They shade my home in the hot days of summer and then in Autumn they reward me with this!

Even though the neighbor's trees will drop their leaves and the wind will blow them down our driveway like there is a vacuum drawing them that way ...

Even though much time and effort will be spent sweeping and raking those leaves I just cannot find it in myself to complain because I have learned to rake them onto the lawn and run over them with my mulching lawn mower for free fertilizer!

My heart sings every time I see this view.  

And even though those trees cost me quite a bit in labor and sweat and even sore muscles.  I wouldn't have one tree cut down because they give such gorgeous displays that thrill my soul.  This is like getting to live in the most beautiful Monet painting don't you think?

And besides, I have figured out that if I call a couple of deer hunters they are glad to come rake and sweep those darn acorns up for me because they like to feed the deer with them.  I have learned to work smarter and not harder in a few areas.  
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Darla said...

I agree....we have tons and tons of acorns falling on our roof and on our heads too!

Heart Song said...

Oh my gosh! We're constantly clearing my mother's deck of acorns this time of year. I never really thought about them being a possible hazard to her. Will definitely be even more diligent about that!
I'm just glad they're not as big as the ones my brother brought back from his property in Tennessee; I have never seen such large acorns!
It would be very painful if one of those hit you on the head...
Happy Thanksgiving!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my goodness.... I can see where that would be a mess to clean up....Have you thought about having a giveaway with some of them??? Or even selling them? I've seen sooooo many cute ideas here in Blogglandia with them! :-) Just yesterday, over at oc cottage, I saw a post where she had glittered the bottom part of those little cuties. ADORABLE..... And, my sweet little chickie-friend, Becky at Holiday in the Sun used the little caps and felted a little bottom part.... I won them in her giveaway.... just soooo darn cute.

But, I certainly can see how they would be a danger.... OH MY! We have ice here and I haven't left the darn house since Saturday.... I fell and broke my leg on dry cement.... Can't risk a major splatter... :-) OUCH.

Take care of YOU while you're out and about....and watch for those little bugers.....especially while you're out cleaning them up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... Off to bake a pie! It's my little grandson's favorite part of Thanksgiving.



June said...

Debbie, I'm ooohing and aaaawing over these gorgeous photos tonight. Just amazing color.
THAT certainly IS a ton of acorns my friend.
Thank you so much for the lovely message you left me. It made my day.
Big hugs from here...

xiao said...

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scottweberpdx said...

I know how you feel, although we don't have any trees on our property (except for a pair of newly-planted Persian Ironwoods) all the houses around us have beautiful mature Oak trees. This year was indeed a banner year for acorn production here as well. All summer, there was constant bombardment from above, and those same ground powdery remains on the streets. We were raking this weekend, and I swear the acorns out-numbered the leaves!

lemonverbenalady said...

We have lots of acorns from the neighbor's tree as well, Debbie. Do you think the squirrels are interested in those? No, they aren't! Drives The Herbal Husband nutty!! Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. Nancy

mania said...

yes you deal them with love and affection. This shows how much you love the trees around you. I love reading your post, it indeed beautiful.