I've Said it Before

Ladies, I know I have said it before but, I just had to tell you again!
You will love this week's Woman's World Magazine (October 18)! No, they do not pay me, sponsor me, buy ads from me or support me in any way! (unless you count their great information)

I was on Facebook lamenting that the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte would soon no longer be with us. A moment later I decided to relax with my latest issue and guess what I found in this issue? A recipe for a pumpkin spice Latte! I know that doesn't have much to do with beauty after 40 except that it really chills me out and makes any frown go away. Turn the page and you will find a great little article about the latest fall boot fashions. One more page turn and you will find recipes for: Vanilla & Lavender Body Oil, Chocolate Bath Salts, Citrus & Rose Bath Bombs, Minty Bath Oil, and Bergamot Sugar Scrub. Have I convinced you yet to run out now and GET THIS ISSUE? I have only told you about 3 pages and there are 55 awesome packed pages. You will find it near all the gossip rags but I promise there is no gossip in this magazine. You have to hurry though because there is a new issue every week. The best news of all is that it only costs $1.79! These babies appreciate in value though. I looked on Ebay one day (thought I could snag some back issues) Oh man, they almost doubled in price and sometimes even more than doubled. I haven't checked lately (too afraid to) but I am thinking they may be worth it for all the great information they are so filled with.
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My Casa Bella said...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO MORE PUMPKING SPICE LATTE??!!! You mean all Starbucks?! I am not a happy girl right now, that is my favorite there. I count down the days til Fall when that drink comes out, of course, I haven't had any yet this year, but it doesn't matter, how dare they!

Sandra said...

I was craving a pumpkin spice latte a little earlier! I am gonna have to get that magazine. I do pick it up every now and then. Love it!