Fall Fun

I have been having fun with my fall decor this year.

I tried to be a little creative this year rather than doing the same old thing.

I looked for different things to put together and different ways to use them.

I love decorating for fall.

I love using pumpkins and gourds and leaves and even pine cones and acorns in bowls. I even drop a bit of pumpkin scented oil in the dried things.

I kind of have a thing about pumpkins. I love them in all shapes and sizes. I especially love it when I find them at Ross. That is one of my favorite places to shop.

This was a great year to shop for pumpkins at Ross. I have found clay pumpkins and glass pumpkins and ceramic pumpkins and even metal pumpkins. What fun!

I also find really cool things in the Dollar Store. Little things I can tuck here and there.

I also love to gather from my garden and the fields and ditches. I love the dried pods and seeds and leaves and branches that can be found this time of year.

It is amazing what you can find to decorate with if you just look around.

I even pulled out some of my gold Christmas things to mix in with my fall. It looks completely different!

I have nearly the whole house all decorated for fall.

It shouldn't be too much longer before we actually have fall outside too. Oh how I love when the leaves turn. I wish it wasn't such a fleeting time for us.

It's okay though because I can have lots of fun here inside.
Until next time
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Claudia said...

Hi Debbie!

Your decorations are wonderful - very lush and autumn-like. Great job!


Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Look at all your fall decorations...how nice! I like decorating for fall too, but really it's the Christmas decorating I'm waiting for :)

myfrenchkitchen said...

Beautiful fall colours...and so lovely decorated!
Ronelle x