Cruisin on the Brazos

I have only been to a couple of classic car shows but I am beginning to think that I really do like them. I am not certain what reason exactly. I guess it could be because I grew up helping my daddy in his mechanic shop, or it could be because when I see the classic cars it brings back memories of days and people from long ago. It could even be because I just like vehicles.

This past weekend our little town called Seymour, Texas; that is nestled on the banks of the Brazos River; held a classic car show at our downtown square. This show was called Cruisin the Brazos. I wasn't sure if our little town would attract many cruisers or those who would want to show their cars but I was pleasantly surprised.

We had a fantastic turn out for the show. There were lots of people and lots of vehicles. The weather was perfect too. It was one of those clear beautiful days of fall when the temperature is perfect.

Part of the fun of classic car shows is that you never know what will turn up at these shows. It is always a delight to the senses to see the models, the colors, and the textures of a car show.

It is such a testimony of mankind imitating our Father in Heaven in such a little way that we can conceive of so many different kinds, shapes, colors, & even sounds of vehicles. Don't you just love the sound of a Harley Davidson or a Porsche? I know that I do.

I've always been a girl that likes glitter & glitz and yet still loves the simple things too. Car shows have all those things with the paint jobs, chrome, and even the fabrics that the owners use in their upholstery. I guess it must seem funny that I would love car shows and yet still be a girly girl that loves fashion shows, and decorating too. It is just that I have these memories of looking through the JC Whitney & the JC Penney catalogs. These were just a couple out of many that I enjoyed but they left lasting impressions upon me.

Has that happened to you too? Were there things that you experienced in life that added up to almost conflicting conclusions? It is those quirky little things about us that I find most attractive in people.

Maybe that is another thing that is attractive for me to car shows. The choices that different people make in the vehicle they drive is so varied. Every person has their favorites for different reasons. Some could be nostalgia from childhood memories, or maybe it is low cost, or high cost. Some just want their vehicle to be efficient and others desire the cool factor.

Whatever their reasons for choosing their vehicle, it points to who they are. It gives me a little puzzle piece about them that I find interesting. No I don't judge if their car isn't perfect or if it seems a little weird because I learned long ago that one person's trash is another's treasure.

I am one of those visionary people who can see possibility in almost anything and even in any situation. I guess God made me that way. That is one reason my dear hubby has to house shop without me until he narrows it down to what he can live with, then I go look. If we didn't do it that way there is no telling what kind of money pit I might come up with.

The pictures I have today are only a tiny bit of what I saw that day.

I had such a fun time snapping pictures of this one and that one

I am one that is affected deeply by color and texture and I just need to say, "Oh the colors & oh the textures!"

Everywhere I looked was a visual treat

Some were vintage and some were newer but all were pleasing

Can you imagine being picked up in one of these for a date?

What a fun time but I would definitely pray for no rain.

Our little town is one of those kind of places that has a downtown area just made for cruising. Wouldn't it be fun to cruise in one of these? Especially when the weather is so perfect.

No racing allowed around our streets though. We have race tracks for that.

Anyone who thinks they might try are quickly reminded that we are a small town where everyone knows everyone. That means they are recognized quickly and can't get away with too much. I like it that way because that helps to make it a safer place to live.

I know I can almost make it seem like Mayberry from Andy Griffith. It isn't quite like that but there are some similarities.

If you have a hankering to see how we do things in a little town in Texas, then maybe you might like coming to our Cruisin the Brazos car show next year about this time.

I hope you enjoyed visiting our little Texas town of Seymour!
Remember you can see more here in Texas.
Until next time.
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Brenda Dodd said...

I loved taking that walk back down memory lane with you and your pictures. What a nice write up about Seymour and Crusin the Brazos you did. This is my first time to see this blog of yours and I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Brenda

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

These classic car and vehicle shows are so interesting and such a trip down memory lane. You have a great set of pictures. I was fortunate enough to drive a vintage car once - great fun, if slightly weird. A x