Country Roads

It started out as an ordinary Saturday for me yesterday.  Things were pretty ho hum
 until . . .

I made a decision that would change my day from ordinary to beautiful and blessed.
I had a choice of a nice nap (after a very late night) or a drive around the country roads.  Hmmm, that nap sounded awfully nice, but something about the drive called to my spirit. 

I am so glad I decided on the drive.  It was a beautiful early autumn day.  You know the kind when the sky is so bright blue that it takes your breath away.  We could hear the sound of the crows calling as we left our house.  The air was refreshing as we stepped out into the bright day.

We have lived in Seymour 7 years now and we like to go driving around from time to time.  This day was truly amazing.  We were blessed with so many beautiful gorgeous sights.  We found places of beauty that filled our souls with thankfulness to be alive.

Some of those places were so beautiful that we stopped and took a moment to absorb and enjoy it.  We felt ourselves wanting the day to go on and never end.  

We just took off in a direction towards a place called Miller Creek and discovered what was down that road or around that bend or over that hill.  We didn't have a map we didn't use GPS.  We just headed out and if we came to a dead end then we turned around and headed another way.

We discovered beautiful creeks and fields, and countryside that was as varied as it could possibly be.  Some of the fields where white with harvest ready any moment to be gathered; and then there were others that were new and green with possibility.

We laughed as we passed the scene in the above picture.  Do you know what that is growing along the fence line?  That is a whole bunch of tumbleweeds in the making.  We laughed because we both grew up in the Panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma.  You know you are from the Panhandle if you brake for tumbleweeds because they are bigger than your car.  It sounds funny but it is so true. 

We went around a bend and found this scene above.  It was such a sharp contrast to the fields we had just driven past.  We caught our breath and then sighed with the beauty before us.  Oh how I would love to go explore that area with my camera.  We could just imagine the wildlife we would find; And then . . .

we drove a bit more and there before us was some of that wildlife.  I had just a moment to capture those ducks on film before they took to the skies above.  Oh how I wish I could have focused faster and caught them flying off into the blue sky.  What a beautiful sight!

we didn't even drive a mile farther when over in the wheat field we saw a couple of deer.  They stopped frozen for a moment just long enough for me to capture their beauty and off they ran for the cover of the trees.

We went just around a curve and they were waiting on us.  They stopped for a moment again.  This time they were slower to take off.  They walked toward the fence and we thought for just a moment they might leap over it . . .

We got another surprise when instead they bent down and climbed under the fence.  I didn't know they did that.  It was so cool to get to experience something so amazing.

Do you ever make choices that take you away from the hum drum of life into the amazing?  
It would have been so easy to stick to our normal weekend activity.  I am so thankful that we chose to take a chance.  We found life!

Just plain old country dirt roads . . .

Oh how those roads blessed me.  Are there places near you that you haven't explored yet?  Maybe it is time to take a chance and do something different.

You never know what beautiful things you might see.  I know that much of these things may be common but you know, If you look for beauty it is amazing how you suddenly look at things differently.

You might even find beauty in the dirt!
Until Next Time

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Susi said...

Hi there, found your blog through some link that showed up on my blogfrog widget... very, very pretty pictures you've posted!!!!

Diana said...

Hey there! I absolutely love to go for drives!!! Enjoyed yourr pics so much. Come see me soon.

Diana said...