Trying to Stay Cool

I don't know what it has been like where you live, but down here in Texas it has been very hot this summer! We finally got a reprieve with a bit of rain and a couple of cold fronts that lowered the temperatures to the lower 90's. I know it seems funny to say cold front in relation to the lower 90's but believe me, it was a cold front. I did, however, find a few things to help me stay cool this summer . . .

I found this really great product that was so refreshing and I love it! It is Moisture Rescue by Garnier Nutritioniste. It is a moisturizer in gel form, and it really was a treat for my skin during the hot sticky days this summer. So much of the time when it gets really hot, I do not want to apply moisturizer because it just doesn't feel good to add more to make me sweat. This product did none of that. This moisturizer was so cool and refreshing to apply and it really helped to moisturize my skin and still make it feel fresh too. The light on my pocketbook price was even more refreshing. To make the deal even sweeter I have found $1 coupons and samples in several beauty magazines for this moisturizer and several other Garnier products. I highly recommend it for those of you experiencing those hot flashes. As many of you know I recently had a hysterectomy and with that comes all the hormonal changes (as if I wasn't having enough already). To make matters worse I am not really very good at taking medicine (or hormone pills) on a regular basis which really frustrates my poor hubby. He is a physician's Assistant and people who do not take their medicine is one of his biggest complaints so imagine how it must be for him to have a wife like that. Well, because of my forgetfulness I have caused myself to have even more hormonal fluctuations. (I know, my poor hubby huh?) The hot flashes have been phenomenal and the weeping waterworks; well lets just say it has been overwhelming to say the least. (I bet you are really feeling sorry for him now, huh?) It hasn't helped that my last baby grew up and went off to college. The most amazing thing in all of this mass of moisture is that my skin is actually dry. How in the world that can be, I do not know; but I can say that this moisturizer has helped me so much that I wanted to be sure and tell all of you about it. I would also mention that having one of those old fashioned paper fans has also been very helpful during those hot flashes (why do they always come when I am trying to apply my makeup?) Because of that, I have also added a small electric fan to my vanity table. I am realizing now why it was always so freezing cold in my mother in law's home. It is amazing how much insight we get as we age. If you are going through any of these things, let me encourage you. It is easy to get down on ourselves for our bi-polar like emotions but remember it is just your emotions. Emotions were created by God and they have their place in our lives. It is so easy for me to get embarrassed by my emotions especially when they involve crying. A friend of mine really helped me with this when she pointed out that it was my emotions that were all over the place not my thinking. I still have valid thoughts that are wise and good. I shouldn't doubt my decision making just because my emotions are so wild. (Getting a $1500. water/electric bill is a valid reason to cry) Sometimes crying helps to express all the yuck going on inside of us that words just do not express. But please, if you see a lady crying a lot it isn't always because something is wrong, sometimes we just simply want to cry (and sometimes they forgot their hormone pill), and you know what? It is OK. It may not seem cool to cry but sometimes it is the thing to do.

I do a lot of reading of beauty books, magazines, blogs and the like because I like to stay up with the curve on how fashion and beauty is going. (I know I don't always do the cool styles but I like to know what is cool and in style anyway) One really cool resource I would like to point out to you is a blog that is part of a larger web site with lots of resources. This very helpful blog is called Be In Style . Be sure to go on over and say hello.
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I did not receive payment or any type of product, gifts or the like for this recommendation. I purchased the product myself.
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Debbie's Garden said...

I haven't had a hysterectomy, but I've been a fan of fans for a while now. If I don't have air blowing I feel like I'm just suffocating. I went on a wedding website and bought about 15 sturdier fold up fans. You know, like Scarlett O'Hara. I have one everywhere I might possibly be. I hate sweating my make up off! I feel like a night blooming flower who's wilting in the morning sun!

Beach Vintage said...

I hate when its so hot your makeup falls off your face! Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

Serena said...

Just now reading your Trying To Stay Cool.I had to laugh, I remember my teenage kids asking me, "Mom, have you forgotten your pill again? Please go take it!" The wonderful news for you, is that this to shall pass!