End of Summer Blahhhhs

Does it ever happen to you? Those end of summer time blahhs? It did to me this year. I am not sure why but, if it comes, it usually hits me about August. Probably because it gets so darn hot here. Getting heat stroke that day at the end of July could have definitely contributed. (I was only mowing on a riding mower when it happened) I guess it could have been over doing it so soon after my surgery this year. (Those ladies said I would pay for it if I lifted those rocks for that pond) I guess it could have been running back and forth to a friend's house. She was going through a really hard time. It could have even been because my last baby flew the coop this year. Whatever the reasons it definitely hit me hard this year.

My garden was rocking along so well too.

Next thing I know I don't have the energy or the want to needed to get things done in my garden. It got so bad I even had to hire help to keep up the weeding this year. It is in severe need of weeding again. Sigh . . . I guess I should get out there and get that done.

Too bad those cute kitties can't help earn their keep by pulling those nasty weeds

but, alas, here is the price for having so many cute kitties around . . .

naughty kitties.

Here is the pond that I am paying the price for. I think it might have been worth it because I have really enjoyed it this summer and hearing that running water is so soothing. It almost makes me feel cool on a hot summer day.

I have a dear friend who always says, "This too will soon pass"
I will sure be glad when it does because I am not getting much done lately.
I guess I could at least go to that new web page I heard about and learn about gardening. You might like it there too.
It is called Life Around Home
Be sure to see William Moss's videos.
Go check it out!
Until Next Time
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Priscilla said...

I'm glad to see your post, it has been awhile! Your garden is very beautiful, very relaxing to look at and the kitties are so adorable! :)

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wow, Debbie, what a year you had! Surgery, rocks, mowing... You have to take better care of yourself(said she who lifts heavy things after her doctors told her 'No lifting'!)! You did well hiring weeding help! I paid my boys in August to dig out red clover. Watch those kitties! Thanks for your comment on my blog! As for the Scarecrow, our neighbors' cat got hit by it, but learned how to go around it. They are smart! Have a relaxing weekend!

bettyl said...

Gardens sure are a lot of work, but sometimes you need weeds to really appreciate the blooms!

Grace Peterson said...

Well, I must say that despite your blues the garden photos here depict a lovely landscape. Your pond looks fabulous and so worth the effort.

I totally understand. If I don't have a project in the words, I can get really down. And this year is worse than most in that I've got a project but I don't have a lot of energy to finish it. Gardening requires a lot of mental as well as physical energy and I think we gardeners have to give ourselves a break when we're in the midst of the ebb. The flow will return eventually and when it does, world watch out!

Great post!

Stella said...

Your garden looks lovely and the kitten adds a special touch. I understand your feelings as I haven't been able to keep up with my garden either because of an injury. Sometimes I look at it and it just seems overwhelming to get in back in shape. Hope you give your self a break and start the fall with a renewed sense of purpose.

Susie said...

Hey Deb, Sorry to hear about your summer. But I have to say those cute kitties must of helped cheer you up some and your pond is beautiful.

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