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I want to suggest another way you can travel through time and distance that is not the norm. I have been working on researching my family history as I shared in a previous post and I have found a really great web site that has helped me so much that I wanted to share it with you. I must warn you that some may be bothered by this so if you have trouble with Cemeteries then turn back now. I even posted a pretty picture so that your delicate senses would not be offended.

I am giving you one last chance to turn back before we head on in and take a look . . .

For those of you who made it this far, I hope you will not think me morbid. I have just discovered that cemeteries offer a wealth of information on family history. The stones you will see in this post are all people I have found in my family history. Many people plan trips to the areas they discover were important to their ancestors and most visit the gravestones of their family members. Because of the economy this year their trips are postponed or cancelled completely. I want to offer an alternative that is free.

I have discovered so many family members this way that I felt it important to show all my readers. I have been able to go visit many many members of our family this way. . .

I have been able to go visit all these places which are stretched all across the world through an amazing website called Find a Grave. This website is a project that I have benefited from so much that I even joined and began to contribute pictures and records from the cemeteries close to me.

The way it works is so simple and it is a great way to honor and remember those who have passed on.

Each record that is contributed on a burial becomes a web page in honor of that person. It gives room for pictures of the headstone, cemetery, and even of the person or family.

There is space to include a biography of the person and even a place to leave virtual flowers and notes. It is a virtual cemetery and it is completely free. The information there is uploaded by those who donate their time and pictures from all over the world.

Again, I hope this has not been too morbid for you. I just felt that many would not know of this amazing resource and that some might even want to become contributors as well. All of these pictures came as a result of several very kind contributors on the website. You probably have family members that you can see so go check it out! Click Here

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Tufa Girl said...

Not morbid at all. I have wanted to researching my family tree this summer - cool project inside - and what a great piece of information. Thanks!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

This is so interesting Deb - thank you for the info - I shall be looking into this further. And no, it is not morbid. A x

antigonum cajan said...

What really matters to me in cemeteries is the architecture, iron works, fences, and above all the vegetation selected and maintenance of the WHOLE.

Josh Healy said...

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