Curb Appeal in Fredricksburg, Texas

I love to drive the streets of Fredricksburg, Texas. It is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. I think they must have invented the words curb appeal. Check out these pictures and you will see what I mean. . .

I have noticed that the large homes as well as the tiniest of cottages are beautiful.

They have truly learned how to put their best foot forward in this tiny city.

I know you might be thinking that it is because of all of the Victorian era homes but there are homes of every style in Fredricksburg.

I think they have learned the value of details. . .

They have learned the art of display with flowers, plants, decorative items and furniture on their porches. . .

I can see they consider their paint colors carefully . . .

And the trims they use on their homes are just amazing. . .

I have noticed all different kinds of fences around their homes. . .

They can make even the simplest of wire fences look charming.

I think other cities could learn many lessons from the people in Fredricksburg, Texas

Lessons about how to use what you have and make the most of it.

Lessons like how to love the home you have no matter what style or size it is.

Lessons that say you don't have to be wealthy to make your home beautiful.

It is so easy to look at others and list out the things they have but I have discovered a little secret. . .

I have learned that we are all blessed with the very things we need to move on to better things. We all have choices that will lead us to blessing if we will learn to recognize them.

We can choose to see our lives as we look at some homes; as a shack or maybe we should look again because it has the ability to be a cottage.

So many times we are so focused on what we do not have that we do not see what we do have.

I can always see what isn't but if I will look at what is then that is something that can be dealt with or fixed.

I can take the things I have and make them the best they can be. Maybe it might take some time and even some hard work but when we are faithful with a little then God can bless us with more.

It also requires not despising the small things. For the longest of times I didn't quite understand what that meant but as I have journeyed through life I have learned that sometimes our desires come to us in seed form.

Sometimes God gives us the seed rather than the fruit we desire so that we can learn to plant that seed, care for that seed, and trust it to Him for the fruit.

I dreamed of a large beautiful home for many years. My first home to own was a trailer house. It was a really old trailer house. It wasn't very beautiful at all. For a bit I lamented about what I wanted but eventually I decided to bloom where I was planted.

We didn't have lots of money so it took a little time and it took some work on my part. I wasn't happy with the outside of that trailer house so I painted it. How many people do you know who would even try it? Well I did it and it looked so much better.

Next, I planted flowers. I found out that many gardeners are always willing to share and so I began my friendship garden. Some of those same plants go with me where ever I move. When I look at them I think of the one who shared them with me. I will always be willing to share with others as well.

I worked on the inside too. Paint can cover a multitude of ugliness. It is one of the cheapest ways to make just about anything better. The same goes with flowers.

I have also learned to barter. I have abilities that I can trade for abilities of others. I have done it for years with friends and others. They help me with what I need & I help them with what they need. It really is fun especially if you do it together and you get so much done. I have learned so many more skills doing this as well. Skills that I could then use to barter.

I have also learned that you can learn how to do just about anything if you are willing.

And that the older generations have so much wisdom and knowledge to learn from. Why learn the hard way? Why not make friends with the older generations and benefit from their wisdom. That is how I learned many inexpensive ways to do many things in life. I also found out that the older generations are lots of fun. Some of my very best friends have been much older than me but age doesn't really matter in the end.

So can you see now that it doesn't matter how ugly you may think your home is?

Can you see that the answer is not a new home but to look at your own differently?

It is to see the positives, and fix the negatives or at least paint them over.

It doesn't have to be overnight, just take one step at a time and before long you will have beauty around you.

And when you hear others lamenting that they wish they had such a nice home then you can smile that smile that says you know a secret.

because you will know that it isn't about what you do not have

but instead, it is about . . .

what do you do with what you do have.

Until Next Time
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mbkatc230 said...

What a beautiful post! I love Fredricksburg,it's one of my favorite places to visit. And your words are so true. It's hard sometimes to appreciate what we do have because we're so focused on what we don't. And I'm so blessed in so many ways, thanks for the little reminder :) Kathy

Chef E said...

I too loved that town when I lived there, and have a friend who lives there, their daughter was friends with my Ane! I like the red roof little cottage, might have to have knew replacements from the side stairs in another ten years, but hey its pretty!

Kay said...

What cute little houses.

Linda said...

These houses are all so very different to anything we have in Scotland, but what you say about the importance of putting the best foot forward applies across the world. You've made me look at my own wee house in a different light (and reminded me that this is the summer we said we'd paint the dining room!)