My Last Little Chickie Is Flying The Coop

Some of you may have noticed I seem to be absent a lot this year. It is true. I love the blogging world and I really love publishing my blogs. I just simply had so many places to be.

I have been to pep rallies

and lots of football games.

football games on our home field and on many other fields.

I have cheered my last little chickie on as he caught the football and ran on to touchdowns.

I cheered as he made his awesome 3 pointers over and over in basketball games.

And as he defended at many basketball games away and at home.

Oh how I enjoyed watching those basketball games.

I cheered him on in victory and in loss.

I have watched as he slid into the bases.

I celebrated with him after those amazing victories.

I enjoyed every minute even when it was very cold or blazing hot in howling winds or even pouring down rain.

I held my breath as he made amazing catches.

I watched as he jumped distances I could never imagine.

And ran at faster than fast speeds.

I watched from afar when he was hanging with his friends.

It was prom time just this past weekend.

The time is getting nearer and nearer. I keep remembering all the wonderful years and I shed a few tears. Knowing that very soon my last little chickie will fly the coop.

Oh how this momma's heart is happy and yet sad at the thought of him leaving. Happy to see him grow up to be such an awesome young man. Sad that her little baby boy is all grown up. May is almost here and he will graduate. I promise all my readers that soon you will have much more of my attention. I beg your forgiveness as I try to put it into the most important place for now.
Until Next Time
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Stacey said...

Debbie, he is so handsome! I've been doing the same kind of stuff this year. My son is also a senior and he'll be leaving me with an empty nest. Boo hoo and back to work!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sweet friend, family comes first...always! This post made me smile because I have sooo been there with mine precious ones!

Darla said...

This is so worth missing blogging for!! I know you are proud.