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I love driving through the Texas countryside. There is almost always something interesting to look at. Some of my favorite things to look at are ranch signs. Texans have a penchant for naming their farms and ranches. It is one of the many things I love about Texas. When you name a ranch or farm or even your home it gives such a sense of importance to the place. It also gives you a better way to reference the place. The McKay Ranch or Poverty Flats, or Heaven Sent Ranch sounds so much better than Old Mrs. Smith's place. Have you noticed how people will do that in conversation when referencing some one's home. We have only lived in Seymour 6 years so I still come across people who do not know where we live and the only way to make them understand is to finally refer to it as the old Clifton Styles home before they get it. No offense to the Styles family but the Howards live here now and we have made it our own. We love it here in this home and so I am thinking about naming it and even making a sign because there is nothing like a sign to help it stick in peoples minds. We do not have a ranch but I still think a name for the place would punctuate to others how important it is to us. Now if I can just come up with an appropriate name that will stick. In the meantime I thought I would share some random pictures of some Texas ranch signs.

My favorite signs give you a hint of the people who live there.

They let you see their sense of humor.

Sometimes the sign makes you wonder how they came up with that name.

Or they hint at what you will find on the ranch.

The sign can be saying "we aren't going anywhere." "This is where we will always be."

Some signs give a hint of some of the land or water features near or on the ranch.

Hmmmmm, I wonder where this name come from? Family name, or something else?

This sign says to me, "Be sure to see this!"

Out of all the signs I have shown you today this one is my very favorite. The thought of a wild strong cowboy humble before his Lord is so endearing. Cowboys come in lots of different sizes and colors. Some are very talkative and some are quiet but they all seem to have a bit of wildness in them that longs for the outdoors, but that is a different post. I hope you enjoyed the signs. When you are out traveling the countryside, pay attention and see if maybe there are some really interesting signs around you.
Until next time.

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Deb said...

I love to see the names people name their ranch...some are very unsual...

Lee said...

The first sign Estes... wonder if they are from here... we have an Estes Parkway and one owned our newspaper for years... they moved out of town... could be them or a relative.

I always wonder about those signs too... loved the last one, but you knew I would...I am taking a bloggy break, posting less and commenting less. I will keep my eye on you and catch up from time to time.
Take care you darlin Tumbleweed,