Have You Seen My Tweezers?

When my daughters were still at home (they are all grown up now); I would constantly have to ask "Have you seen my tweezers". Of course the answer was "no, I haven't seen them". I would then proceed to go through their things and of course find the tweezers stuck in one of their drawers or laying on their dresser or even under their bed. I guess they must have walked themselves to those places. I can not tell you how many pair of tweezers I would buy them but to no avail because my pair that I have owned 20 plus years would disappear once again. This became a source of huge aggravation for me. I had this special pair that just really were great at grabbing splinters or that stray hair and no matter how many others I tried they just didn't measure up to this pair. (maybe that is why my girls kept taking them) I finally found a strategy to keep my tweezers from disappearing. I disappeared them myself. I hid them under the cushion of my chair (you know down in the scary place) They never disappeared again. I always knew exactly where they were. I know it seems extreme, I guess my frustration just got the better of me in my determination to win the battle of parents vs. teens. I still remember the day my hidey hole was discovered. Someone was looking for something and they checked there and discovered my stash. By this time I had hidden my favorite pen, and several other small items that I wanted to keep from disappearing. The looks on all the faces of my family was priceless. You would have thought I had committed a horrible act. We all laugh about it now and it even became a joke to visitors to be very careful when they sit in my spot because there is no telling what they will find under the cushion.

I still have those beloved tweezers. Now I keep them in a little box near my chair. Thankfully my son doesn't have the affinity for taking them like the girls did. This Christmas I received in my stocking a gift that made me laugh from my oldest (who stole them more than anyone). She had given me a pair of tweezers with a girl painted on them. My first reaction was "Did something happen to my tweezers?" She laughed and said that no but she had found the best tweezers on the earth and bought me a pair. I laughed because I knew I had pretty much tried them all and they never even came close to being as good as my old pair. (they just don't make them like they used to I guess). She encouraged me to try them so I did. You know what? They really were as good as my old silver metal pair. Shocked and delighted is how I would describe my emotions upon discovering this. I will still hang onto my much beloved old pair (after all they have served me well) but I will have a really pretty new pair that can match their ability as well. She also gave her sister the pair below. I looked them up on Google and discovered they are called Miss Tweezies tweezers.

Until next time.
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Deb said...

Debbie...what a great story...love the new tweezers...so cute...

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Those are SO cute! I may have to go look for Miss Tweezie & treat myself to a new pair of tweezers!!

Debbie's Garden said...

I've never seen those, so adorable! My daughter never took my tweezers, but she was always taking my socks and I'd never get them back when laundry was done. I started having to hide my socks in a box under my bed and leaving the drawer empty.

ahealthyme said...

so does this mean i'm forgiven for all my years and years of tweezer theifery...lol... love the story mom....BIG SMILE!!!

texasdaisey said...

You know it! Love you dear!

Marydon Ford said...

What darling tweezers! Oh, the tales I could tell of my daughter & the things 'she' never borrowed!

Hugs, Marydon

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