Snow Days

Have you ever had a prayer answered? I have many many times. Lately I had one particular prayer answered that was so amazing that it made my spirit sing. We had a white Christmas right here in Texas. It probably wasn't the day I would have chosen because I had planned to go shopping that day.

The roads were closed down and many people where stuck somewhere. Even though it brought delays and even cancellations, I was thrilled. I love a little snow during the winter. It makes everything so beautiful and sparkly. It reminds me of what The Lord does for us.

I love how the snow makes the world seem quiet.

The cold temperatures are an excellent reason to get in my warmest pj's, fuzzy socks and light a fire; and then spend time reading and sipping on some hot spiced cider.

When you get a snow that shuts down the roads it gives everyone a chance to slow down and enjoy the beauty around them.

Snow days are a chance to play and enjoy. Go ahead, it's really OK to not worry so much about those delays and closures and even being stuck. Isn't it more fun to make a snow angel, or a snow ball, or snow ice cream or even just to enjoy the sparkle of everything covered in white glitter? I missed out on a day of shopping because of the snow, but when I stop and look closer I realize what a beautiful experience I would have missed otherwise.

I will take a day of laughing while my husband and son throw snow balls; and hearing how one tackled the other in a snow drift; and watching my son and his friends do heart pounding feats on ATVs; and even seeing how creative they can be with a golf cart dragging a blue plastic swimming pool for a makeshift sled any day. I can shop another day and gladly give it up because this was a snow day!
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Cathy said...

I live in New England and all I can say is there is nothing like snow for Christmas. We had a tiny bit on the ground, but it looks like you had a picture perfect scene.

What a lovely present from our Lord to you.



p.s. I have having my first Valentine Swap. Please check out my blog in a day or two. I'd love for you to join in.


Denise said...

Yep! We've just been hanging out in our p.j.'s here in Oklahoma this weekend also. Playing games with the grandson and uugghh....EATING! Yikes, not good when you're not moving around a lot.

maría cecilia said...

That´s a very big prayer answered, my god, snow int Texas is quite strange, isn´t it??
I wish you and your family a very happy 2010 and may it brings much love, health, prosperity and blessings to you all!!
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

Claudia said...

So glad you had the snow day! I love snow storms, as long as I am safe and snug inside. It allows a chance to just 'be.'


Janean said...

having a TRUE white, snow-falling Christmas was an answer to a wishful prayer to us too! yay.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

You had more snow in Texas so far than I have in mid-Michigan! We've missed out on a ton of show that has gone around us one way or another all season! I'm so happy for you! Snow does make winter much more fun!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's great that you got snow! Everything looks so pretty! Snow days are always so much fun!


Melissa Miller said...

~WOW!!!! Debbie it is GORGEOUS! You took beautiful photos.

Happy New Year! ~Melissa :)

Lisa said...

What a heavenly place, where you live- and your blog :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

"I love how snow makes the world seem quiet." Me, too! I think it must literally absorb the everyday noise of life. It's so tranquil!

Kellie Collis said...

One day my husband and I always say is that will experience a white christmas. xx

Sweet Designs said...

Your snow pictures are lovely, we don't get much snow where I live, other than an occasional 1/2 inch which melts pretty quickly. I had lots of snow when I lived in New York, but I can't say I missed the icy roads! Thanks for your visit to my blog and leaving such a nice message.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer. Our Lord is so good. Your pictures are just beautiful. Snow for Christmas is just perfect. I hope you had a very Blessed Christmas. Thanks also for stopping by and your very kind and gracious comments. Have a wonderful New Year. Hugs, Marty

Diana said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Karen said...

Being a native of Georgia, I was delighted by your post. We used to get SO excited about snow, and it was amazing the things we came up with for a sled! God bless you in 2010

Rebecca said...

I love that God answers our prayers no matter what. Even the little ones that include SNOW IN TEXAS. I've lived in Texas before. I'd move back if I could. In a texas-heartbeat!

xoHappy New Year.

Love, Rebecca

koralee said...

Oh I do love Snow Days as well....you are so right they really are a blessing...we are all forced to stop and play for awhile or just bundle up inside with a book or two. No snow days yet...sure hoping they still are coming. Thought my primroses are starting to blossom... Thank you for your sweet visit and comments...xox