Disappointed But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Our trip up to Colorado this last August was a little disappointing when we were travelling up. Not for the reasons you may think though. If you have read my first post you know that I grew up in a very small town named Darrouzett, Texas. Darrouzett was surrounded by sod covered rolling plains and there were almost no trees. It is a very beautiful part of Texas and one that is near and dear to my heart. All year I dreamed of the beautiful sights that we would see when we got to Colorado. I dreamed of beautiful mountain views and well you can guess. I knew there were not mountains in all of Colorado but I never dreamed that when we were just East and south of Denver that this would be what we would see. . .

Please understand that I think this kind of land is absolutely beautiful and I am not bashing Denver or any part of Colorado. I just had certain expectations of Denver that were unfair and even wrong. I was quite shocked to find that Denver looked a lot like a large city that had been plopped right down at Darrouzett. This got me thinking about how many times in life we have certain expectations (I call it Cinderella Syndrome) but when we come to that dreamed of circumstance we find that it is nothing like we expected? When that happens, we have several choices. We can be disappointed and let that cloud the good blessings around us or we can realize our mistake and enjoy what is there. I decided to enjoy it. So what if it looked like my homeland. Look at all the beauty in that gorgeous blue sky and golden grass. And God chose to bless us even more with the sightings of some beautiful critters.

We did make it to those dreamed of mountains on the West side of Denver and we were truly blessed. Doubly blessed because we decided to enjoy the beauty on both sides of Denver.
I also came away with a new lesson learned . . . "Check my expectations at the door and learn to just enjoy the moment." It's funny how that plays out in my life in many areas.

All these pictures were taken south east of Denver on our way home. It was almost like Colorado was urging us to come back. I truly hope we get to.

Until next time
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Malisa said...

Good lesson! Thanks for sharing your photos and your lesson learned! By the way, it does look like West Texas! :)

Lee said...

This is the story of my life... what a wonderful way to put it in words and pictures... lessons that stick. Great post.
Looks a little like Africa with out those trees.