Brrrrrrrrr It's Cold Outside

It is about 26 degrees outside and I am sitting in my chair wearing my warmest pj's and covered with a throw. We hosted a big Christmas party earlier this week and the whirl of the Christmas season is underway. Despite all that, there is still a little gardening action going on.

My first seedlings popped their little heads up this week. I found some little starter pot kits for spruce trees in the dollar bin at Target. The kit included a tiny pot along with a soil pellet and packet of 5 to 10 spruce seeds. I figured that even if the seeds didn't germinate for me that I could use the pots so I bought them. Look what happened! I am so excited they actually came up.

My January issue of Gardening How To came in the mail today . . .

Along with my first Park seed catalog.

I stepped outside a minute and found my poor johnny jump ups wilted. They are usually perky and blooming but in the preparations for our party I neglected to water the poor babies. Don't worry, with a bit of water they will perk right up again.

Meanwhile out in my garage I have a bougainvillea that is blooming. It had to be moved from my sunny dining room for the party to a fairly dark cold garage and it hasn't missed a beat. I really thought it would go to sleep for the winter but I guess it just wasn't ready so I will move it back into the sunny dining room so this beautiful plant can continue to bloom. One of the best things about gardening is that it is almost never predictable and it requires lots of hope. And every once in a while you get really blessed. It reminds me of life. Just the other day I stepped outside after several 30 degree nights and found a white rose blooming. What a nice surprise blessing. If you still have leaves around your yard, don't rake them up and throw them out! They are free fertilizer. Chop them up with the mower right on the grass where they lay and then spread some white sugar to feed the soil and help the organisms eat their leafy meal. Leaves also make a great winter time blanket for your plants. Don't forget to water your garden in the winter during dry spells. Even though it doesn't look like much is going on in your garden, you can be sure that under the surface there is lots going on. Those roots are spreading and reaching all through the winter months. I hope your Christmas season is going great.
Until next time.
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Darla said...

Congrats on your seedling...love garden how to mags. Don't have any seed catalogs...need some. Water those Johnnys and I am sooo jealous of your bougainvillea...it's not getting out of the 40's here today! Have never heard about the sugar thing...

Susie said...

Girl, I had to laugh at seeing your violas. The reason being is I did the exact same thing right after I planted my little pots. I went outside to check on them and oh my goodness, they looked pitiful.

But you're right, after a thorough watering they now look gorgeous!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Debbie~~ My Johnny jump-ups look similar to yours but it's not the lack of water but the cold temps that have them suffering. Love your seedling. No Park Catalog for me yet, darn. It's always so fun to look at and dream about.

Marlene said...

Your seedlings look great! This is my first garden blog and my first inside look at how northern gardeners garden in the winter time. I love reading about it in your blog. Thank you!

Tootsie said...

congrats on the success with your seeds!!! I get the park seed book every season...I order seed from them and two other places every year!
have a great week....stay warm!