Fall Fling

We have had several freezing nights so far but my garden and everything around us just keeps on flinging their fall colors for everyone to see.

All of my roses have put on a gorgeous fall display. This Arizona rose is especially beautiful.

The berries on this mystery plant are gorgeous red. This plant is a vine that everyone in the garden club discusses but no one is quite sure what it is. It can be kind of weedy but I let it grow in a few places because of these gorgeous red berries in the fall. Anyone know what it is? We would love to know for sure. I am guessing it is Snailseed Vine (cocculus carolinus) What do you think?

This is one of my reblooming daylilies. It is finally coming into its own after 2 years.
It came in a box without a name just called rose pink daylily. Anyone know the variety on this? I would love to know that too. I don't publish alot of the Latin names on my blog but I do usually like to at least know them if possible. Just in case someone else inquires.

My yaupon holly trees are gorgeous this time of year. The birds love to eat the bright red berries of all my holly trees and the vine above. I just wish they would avoid my mailbox afterwards. That seems to be their favorite dropping sight.

I love how the sun shines in the autumn afternoons. Everything becomes so pretty.

My flowers are all nodding their approval.

It is almost time to get my chicken coop ready for winter. I try to wait as long as possible before closing it in so my chickens don't get too warm. They are molting right now. My poor Polish rooster named Rizzo is a bit hen pecked.

I think he has a few too many girlfriends to handle all by himself

some of the girls are very jealous of the pretty polish chickens

They will pluck their pretty feathers right off of their heads and tails if given an opportunity.

Can you believe this Esperanza is still blooming its head off?
Oh how I wish I had a spot for it inside. I wonder how it would do in my garage. Do you suppose it would go dormant for me? I may have to google that.

The next few pictures are from a drive I took through a beautiful neighborhood in Wichita Falls, Texas. Isn't it gorgeous?

The homes are beautiful too. The flowerbeds at this house are full of crotans. I don't think they will last the winter here but they are sure beautiful in these beds.

I loved how charming this cottage looked with the fall colors and the American flag draped. I hope the neighbors don't think I am stalking anyone in their neighborhood.

I love how the sun is shining through these trees. It is almost like they come alive with color and light.

I also love how blue our Texas skies get in the autumn. It really causes the beautiful fall colors to look even brighter. This sycamore tree just looks gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of autumn's last fling here in Texas.
Until Next Time
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Grace Peterson said...

Hi Debbie~~ Could it be bittersweet vine? Love your kitty in the sun. All very nice depictions of autumn.

Deb said...

love your fall fling...Fall can be beautiful in Texas...it's raining here today...

Susie said...

I enjoyed reading about your chickens Deb.

The red berried vine is really pretty. Sorry, but I don't have any ideas about it's identity.

I enjoyed your drive thru the neighborhood. Those trees are lovely. It looks very fallish in your neck of the woods.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rosey Pollen said...

Your chickens are so cute! I am having hen envy, I had chickens when I was a girl and miss them. Your blooms are lovely and the autumn light in your photos is perfection.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's just beautiful there, in your garden and on your drive. Looks like you are having great weather.

Uniquely Ella said...

Hi! Love your blog. You are so blesse, OMG you have a chiken coup.

prashant said...

Your blooms are lovely and the autumn light in your photos is perfection.

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Lea said...

And I love how you describe the sun that shines at every creation in your neighborhood. I was really inspired by the things you showed here. Great pics!

Ms. Melissa Session said...

Ok I figured it out. LOL. Amazing photos and flowers. I love flowers too.

Antigonum Cajan said...

Congratulations, is the first
garden I have seen with chickens. I find
them very attractive and useful. If I could
I would have a couple. I prefer the odd looking
ones, not popular...Great blog! Until then.