Autumn in Texas

I headed out Monday, on a little trip to San Angelo, Texas

It was one of those beautiful Texas autumn days

When everything is turning golden

Almost as if the hot summer sun had finally drenched everything in liquid gold and then relented as the golden beauty unfolded.

The mesquite trees will soon lose their leaves

The fruit on the cactus are ripe and ready to be plucked for wonderful prickly pear jelly

The grasses are slowly turning from green to a golden color and finally a silvery color for winter

As the days and nights turn cooler you will find the cattle bunched up more

The wheat fields come up to be a beautiful spring like green when autumn arrives

It always seems so odd to me to find such lush green fields in autumn and even on through the winter months.

Some of our grasses turn a beautiful pink or purple in autumn. I love how they glow when the sun shines through them.

In some areas of the Texas and Oklahoma plains there are evergreen trees planted during the dirty 30's so that the dust bowl would be ended. They always look so beautiful in contrast with the other trees.

The sky is so blue this time of year. It just seems to put an exclamation mark on our beautiful autumn days. It makes me want to lift my hands and sing to the Lord about the beauty around me.

About how beautiful a sight it is to see the trees pop up out of a golden sea of grass.

And how it thrills my eyes to see the beautiful oranges, reds and golds all against such a bright beautiful blue sky.

And about how even places that I might not have noticed during the summer months suddenly seem so beautiful now.

And about how the hot summer sun has turned into His paintbrush causing everything to glow

It is on days like these that I am joyful about life.

And grateful to live in such a beautiful place like Texas.
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Lee said...

Texas is God's country... and your description is "Devine"... loved every word of this post. Thank you!

mbkatc230 said...

Beautiful post Deb. The colors are more subtle here than alot of places, but Autumn really is beautiful in Texas. Thanks for the lovely trip! Kathy

Laura said...

Hi Deb-
I too am a Texas blogger- down in deep South Texas.

Enjoyed visiting and am now a follower.


Linda said...

How lovely to see blue skies at this time of year. Everything is grey here just now.

I didn't know you could make jelly from a cactus!