A Mayberry Kind of Town

Have you ever wondered if there are really towns like Mayberry? Let me share with you one that is near and dear to my heart. It is a historic little Texas town called Seymour.
It is located in the heart of Texas, nestled alongside the Brazos River. It is a town that is surrounded by Texas ranches, farms and even a vineyard. If you dream of being a cowboy or farmer then this is the place for you. It is the kind of place where you can attend rodeos, and festivals and fairs. Seymour is the kind of town where everyone closes their business one day every year just so they can go fishing. They call it Fish Day.
Brazos River that runs next to Seymour, Texas
Seymour owns their own electric company and water department so you know the people bringing you these services. No one can remain a stranger here for very long because someone will reach out and get to know you just like in Mayberry. The rumor is true about how friendly little Texas towns can be.
City Hall of Downtown Seymour Texas
We have an amazing greenhouse here in Seymour called Feed and Seed Barn. It is one of my very favorite places to shop. This is definitely the place to come if you like to garden.
Seymour Texas Greenhouse Feed and Seed Barn
There is an active garden club here in Seymour that loves to give garden tours and throw garden parties. We have a local farmer who plows his fields with teams of horses and grows organic vegetables and fruits.We have a local butcher who provides the freshest of meat and who also helps the hunters out with their latest catch. Speaking of hunting, we boast some of the very best deer hunting as well as wild hogs, and birds. We have several beauty shops that bring the latest of styles to the ladies and men and for those men who desire a more manly place we even have an old fashioned barber shop.
Downtown Seymour, Texas Barber shop
Our Public library is housed in our court house. The library is host to activities all the time. It is a fun place to go hang out and read or surf the Internet.
Downtown Seymour Texas Public Library
In the summer months they show movies out on the court house lawn? How is that for old fashioned family fun? If you really want a wild time then you can go to the local racetrack and see the go kart races and the lawn mower races. Go Kart racers today may be our Nascar racers tomorrow.
Seymour Texas Downtown area
Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Seymour is a perfect place to start one. We have so many charming buildings and at such reasonable prices. Just be sure to have a business plan. So many start one not understanding the first 2 to 5 years of a new business are filled with hard work and lean times.
Downtown area of Seymour Texas
The cost of living here is one of our best kept secrets. This is the kind of town where you can own a larger home for less money than in other places. Or a charming little cottage for even less. You can live next to the river or on one of our creeks that run through town or if lake living is more to your liking there is Lake Kemp just 8 miles north of Seymour on the Waggoner Ranch.
businesses in downtown Seymour, Texas near U.S. Post Office
We have a dedicated Volunteer Fire Department that is active and visible in the community with many programs and services that they offer. They are some of our biggest fans many times carrying our teams in celebration or encouragement!
Parade with Seymour,Texas football team & Fire Department
We even have an indoor mall. Not your typical mall but the kind with quaint store fronts that just beg for a beautiful little shop or business to move in. It is located in a beautiful old building with old tin ceilings. In a place like this you know the repairmen who come to your home and you are not just a number with our banks or insurance agents. They know your name and those of your family and even your pets.
View of downtown Seymour, Texas
Our city park is the location of several festivities through out the year and there is a great walking track. In the summer months you can come to the city pool to swim.
Just recently the creek that runs through the park was landscaped and planted as a natural wetland with grasses and wildflowers that attract much wildlife.
In fact we have wildlife all around our our little town and sometimes they wander in for a visit. One day I was out feeding my critters and noticed a cat that had come to visit. I like to tame the feral cats when possible. I had this poor baby cornered and was within 15 feet of him when I realized he had some odd spots for a cat. Then as he ran past me it dawned on me that he was a bobcat.
View of City Park in Seymour Texas
The school district here is excellent. We have the best teachers and coaches around. How many places do you know that have coaches who insist on seeing the report cards because the team gets another sticker on their helmet for every a. And we have many teams in all our sports who become state contenders. At the writing of this post we are sending a Cross Country team to state and our football team is in the playoffs.
Texas football team Seymour panthers
Seymour is the kind of place where patriotism is still practiced and appreciated.
Texas football team, Seymour Panthers opening ceremony
Our medical care is the very best.

Hospital in Seymour Texas
And so are our restaurants. We have several where I enjoy eating out. one of my favorites is Smokey Bros, the best barbecue around. There is another little place (below) where I love to eat lunch. It is called Blessings and the food here (as well as the owner) is truly a blessing.
Blessings Tea House & Catering a local favorite in Seymour Texas near Wichita Falls

Beautiful Salt Fork River Estates Country Club & Golf Course in Seymour, Texas
We have a beautiful country club that is run by the city and anyone can be a member. They offer golf, swimming, tennis and even a bit of fishing.
Safe neighborhoods and beautiful homes in Seymour, Texas
There are beautiful old Victorian homes all over town but if that doesn't hold allure for you there are also beautiful Texas ranch homes and even the most modern of styles. We have a little bit of something for everyone.
Beautiful Victorian home in Seymour Texas with beautiful neighborhoods
Best of all this beautiful little community has heart and it is a great place to live or visit.
Mesquite tree in heart shape in Seymour, Texas neighborhood
I hope you enjoyed my tour of just a bit of Seymour.

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mbkatc230 said...

Debbie, this sounds like a wonderful place to live! It reminds me of our town, just a bit smaller. Even though we have suffered some growing pains, many of the things you speak of are still present here. And there is nothing friendlier than a Texan. We had some friends from the East coast break down near Amarillo, and they could not get over how friendly and nice everyone was! Thanks for the tour of your little piece of paradise. Kathy

Lee said...

This post brought tears to my eyes.. this is the America I remember ... this is the best!

Kay said...

For my husband and myself, our "Mayberry" is on the far northern coast of California. It is a little town named Ferndale. About 1400 people live there. All of them are somehow related. They have a "fat-bellied" sheriff and he has one or two deputies. The buildings are all old Victorians. There are no stop lights in the 3-block long town. We love it.

Deb said...

Debbie...thank you for the tour of Seymour..looks like a nice family town...

Linda said...

You've just sold your town to me! So lovely to get an insider's tour. I love the way the cars outside the wee restaurant are almost as big as the restaurant itself!