Summer's Last Blast 2

I had so much positive response to my post last week and so many more nice pictures of it that I just had to give you a second helping. These were all taken at Summer's Last Blast 2009 in Vernon, Texas at the intersection of Highway 183 and 283.

There were 1500 entries in this nostalgic cruise

We stood right at the intersection on a warm August evening and we watched as the beautiful machines cruised past.

There were some of the cars that brought memories from my childhood. Memories of cars we once rode in, the places we went, and the people we were with.

There were many kinds that I had never rode in but I had heard stories told by my parents that included those vehicles. Many of those stories were fun memories to hear about.

Once my dad had a car break down on him and he was so frustrated with it that he went into a diner near the car and traded it for a cup of coffee. I wonder if he wishes he had that one back?

Some of those stories were of trips between Oklahoma and California to visit family. Do you remember those cheesy tourist trap places that we used to stop along the way to see?

I remember how we used to be able to lay up in the rear window of cars. Safety wasn't so much of a concern then. In fact seat belts were those straps you crammed down into the scary place. Our safety consisted of mom throwing her arm across us to hold us in place in the event of a quick stop. (Lol.) And I remember how unhappy the one stuck sitting on the hump in the back seat would be.

I remember going to the drive in movies in cars like these.

Every car style speaks of historical times. Like when motorcycles became popular after the Korean War.

Some were muscle cars from when gas shortages or prices were not a problem. In those days the goal was fast and powerful.

There were cars from when American highways were little more than a dirt track. A time when families didn't look at a car as a necessity.

What kinds of memories do you have when you see these cars?

Do you remember riding with someone who was determined to show you what impossible things their vehicle could do despite your protests to the contrary.

Or did you ride in a car like one of these with a special someone?

Did you have a fun meeting place where everyone would end up?

Or maybe you have memories like I do of helping your dad work on a car.

Or maybe it is a car like the one that cool guy drove? Was it the car that made them so cool?

Or maybe you have memories of being broke down somewhere.

Do you have pictures of cars like these from days gone by?

I have pictures of my grandmother sitting on the hood of their car posing like a pinup girl. I don't remember her like that at all. It is funny to think of her as a young beautiful woman with very few cares to weigh her down.
If any of these pictures brought back memories for you, I would love to hear about them.

Until next time.

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ClassyChassy said...

Those cars are the best, aren't they? So much fun to look at. We like to dream about having one some day, even tho we probably never will. Still, it is fun to dream....