Slowing Down

Have you ever been headed somewhere and making pretty good time but then suddenly you were forced to slow down? That happened to us one day while we were on vacation in Colorado. Because we were forced to slow down a bit we found the most charming little town. It was so charming we just had to stop and stroll along the quaint streets.

This beautiful place that beckoned to us to stop and stroll a while was Frisco, Colorado.
This town was so charming and beautiful that we just couldn't help but to linger here for part of our day.

This town was so beautiful and had so many interesting things that I absolutely could not stop taking pictures.

Every building was cool in its own special way, the landscaping was gorgeous, the people were so very friendly.

Did you know it is a state law in Colorado that all vehicles must yield to pedestrians? That definitely slowed you down but what an amazing place to slow down.

I just cannot imagine driving through this place without stopping and actually enjoying this place.

So many times in life we keep our head faced forward on our goal ahead and we forget to stop or slow down and enjoy the ride along the way.

Are you so focused on your goal or your call in life that you forget to live your life?

We can just get through our day or we can fully live our day. Those common tasks can just be another hoop to jump through or they can be a moment to sit back and savor.

I want to assure you that Frisco, Colorado is definitely a town that needs to be savored.

Although we saw it during the summer months I can definitely imagine how beautiful it must be in the winter months too. The cool thing is that I will get to enjoy it this winter and every season because on their website there are web cams.

Can you see the train car in this building? I wouldn't have if we hadn't stopped and enjoyed this beautiful place. The ladies in this antique store were so friendly and interesting to talk to. Oh how I wish I could have got to really know them. They seemed so fun. And their shop was filled with so many cool antiques and best of all they were very reasonable prices.

I love how all the shop owners put out such beautiful flowers around their shop entrances. I wish more communities would realize how this attracts visitors.
Even in the hottest driest parts there are beautiful ways to landscape that could enhance a community's appeal.

Can you imagine perching on the edge of one of these planters and just smelling the yummy scents of the petunias at sunset or sunrise?

Can you imagine strolling through this little park with the one you love?

It is definitely a place to slow down and just be. That is OK you know. Sometimes that should maybe be the goal. Just learning to enjoy where you are planted right now. Learning to be thankful for the good that is around you. It is there, I promise. Sometimes we just have to look a little closer to find it.

We just need to take a little time, slow down, find a quiet place to rest and look for the good. It might be right behind you or all around. We miss it so much of the time because we focus on the negative. What you focus on is what you attract. Who needs more negative? Not me. I choose to focus on the good. And that just seems to multiply that good all around me.

The negative is still there. Bad things happen but it is amazing how much easier they are to get through and around when I refuse to let them rule. What could have been a huge mountain becomes a beautiful place that I find in spite of the challenges because I look for the good and lovely around me.

If you are travelling along I-70 or anywhere around Vail Valley then I recommend Frisco, Colorado as a wonderful little spot to definitely not miss.
Until next time.

Note: This post was not paid for and there was no exchange of goods or services for this recommendation. I recommend Frisco, Colorado because it is truly a place I enjoyed visiting.
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The French Bear said...

What a beautiful town, it is sooooo clean!!!! Wow, each storefront is unique too.
Margaret B

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a lovely place to stop and visit!

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a gorgeous place to visit. I have never been to this part of the country, and it definitely looks inviting.

Sandi said...

Hi Debbie,
That does look like an interesing town! And I agree that we all need to take some time and step back and take life slower! Thanks for reminding us.

Lee said...

Hey Debbie, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment... I have joined this blog a little while back... I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Us Texans need to stick together... Texas Daisy here I come.