It's Fall Y'all

It is fall time now and it makes me so happy. I love each and every season and I love to decorate for those seasons. The pictures below were taken at my dear friend, Sarah's home. Sarah welcomes autumn by filling her home with beautiful autumn decor. Fall is so very welcome at my house too after the extended heat of Summer. I love all the good things of God that the season brings. . .
All the bounty of our gardens. . .

The cooler temperatures that allow for a crackling fire in the evenings. . .

The beautiful reds, oranges, purples, darker greens, and golds that burst outside in beautiful amazing glory. It is almost as if the earth needs to shout out once more of Gods glory before settling in to rest for winter.

It is the time of year I love to drink spiced cider or hot spiced tea, the smell of them drifting through my home. . .

I get in the mood to bake cookies or banana nut bread or pumpkin bread. I love the smell of them baking and I especially love eating them. The surprised smiles on the faces of those I love when they realize there is a special treat to enjoy makes me so happy.

Decorating with fall colored flowers, pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and dried gatherings from my garden and field is so fun. It is amazing how many beautiful things can be gathered and used to decorate my home. Things like dried grasses, pods, acorns, and leaves.

We spend lots of evenings and weekend afternoons watching the World Series and football games. I especially enjoy watching my son play football on Friday evenings. . .
And we enjoy the lazy rainy days that come from time to time in autumn.

We get all our sweaters and jackets out at this time of year anticipating that crisp cool autumn air.

Many of my days are busy in the garden planting bulbs, perennials, trees, and bushes. I like to get that garden weeded and the grass removed one more time before the first frost.

And I make sure every plant has a nice warm blanket of mulch to protect them as they sleep

I move my tropical plants inside to enjoy for the colder months. It makes my sunny dining room feel so different and alive when I get them inside.

And have you noticed that even the critters begin to get ready for the colder months?
Many birds begin to fly south and the sounds they make are part of what I love in fall. The geese honking, the crows cackling, and the dove cooing.

I also love to burn spicy pumpkin scented candles. . .

I bring out warm cozy throws to use on cool evenings or mornings. I especially love snuggling under them when I am having my quiet time with the Lord.

I ready my critters' homes for the colder days and nights ahead. I try to make sure they have a warm cozy place to sleep.

I begin to stock up our pantry just in case. . .

Preparing myself and my house for blustery cold days

Autumn is a wonderful, colorful, busy time when the colors and scents and even the activities we do change. It culminates with Thanksgiving, one of my very favorite holidays. A holiday when we extend to the Lord our thanks for all His wonderful blessings. Isn't it nice to be so blessed? I am blessed even more because I also celebrate my birthday in autumn. What a wonderful time to be born!

Are there special things you enjoy about the fall season?

Do you love when the leaves begin to fall as much as I do?

Are there special Autumn scents, sights, or activities that you especially enjoy?

I would love to hear about your favorite things about autumn if you would care to share.
Until next time.

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June said...

Debbie, this Fall decor has put me in a holiday mood tonight. They make me want to go make some cider and carmel apples. Just beautiful.

Terry Lee said...

hey debbie,

i love the wonderful, cozy, beautiful look of the autumn decorations in your home! how lovely and how inspiring!

i'm just now realizing it's time to buy a pumpkin or two! guess my life's been too busy lately.

thanks for sharing your home with us!

terry lee

Diana said...

Hey there. Just happened by and discovered you are a good ole Texas gal, too. I know where Seymour is because my daughter and nephews went to Tech. So needless to say, my sister and I made trips out there. We always stopped in because it seemed to be half way for our trip.

I enjoyed all the great pics, bookmarked you, and will be back. Hop over and get my button sometime so we can stay in touch.


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, how lovely all of your Fallness of decoration is! Love your mantle too! I love Fall and am just now beginning to enjoy it. Our temps have been so hot and this weekend it's cooled down into the high 60s! I'm loving it!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Susan S. said...

Hi there.....just popped in and am enjoying all your beautiful fall pictures! WOW, you have a lot of really pretty things! It's finally feeling like fall here in Houston. Hope it stays that way...I LOVE FALL!!

French-Kissed said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I really enjoyed this post and I like the way your friend incorporated her blue and white pieces with the season specific items.


Laura said...

What beautiful fall things you have. I also noticed your blue and white which I love.

Enjoyed visiting-
and yes- I agree with everything you do to get ready for colder temperatures. I just wish it got colder here!


Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Such wonderful fall decorating!! I wish I had more fall items now!! I am trying to not spend alot on anything so try to do with what I have. Went to Walmart and thought I would be a a few pumpkins as I will make them into pumpkin puree after the decorating comes down but they wanted 5.00 a pumpkin and they were not huge- so went home pumpkinless!!


Rosy said...

Your Fall decor is lovely, I can see you are really set and ready for the season. Have a great time.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Fall really has the pretty colors! Beautiful fall decor!

Stocking your pantry is a good thing. I do that too. We're prone to ice storms where we have no electricity for a few days.


Nany said...

Hi there.....Here in Sunny and HOT Puerto Rico we don't have fall season as is..but finishing january.. you see the leaves falling....But..... I love your photos...simply I fall in love with this beautiful season the breeze, the crisp..and all that God brings you in that season....