Hotel Gardening

Have you ever noticed the beautiful gardens at Hotels? I think this is an area that most garden magazines and garden shows have neglected in the garden world. My dear hubby and I enjoyed the beautiful Westin River Front Hotel in Avon, Colorado this summer and I was so pleased with their garden. Most of their garden is in containers but there were gorgeous beds as well. I thought I would share their garden with you.

Their flower beds were massive plantings of color and texture that were a feast for the eyes.

I have found so many ideas for planting combinations in hotel gardens

Hotel plantings tend to be in a style that portrays the local area. The plantings at this hotel did that very well.

The picture below was a container planting in their spa area. I would have never thought of growing this yucca in a container. I think it looks beautiful.

The containers in their spa areas were all a treat for the senses.

This hotel did a wonderful job of mixing trees in their container gardens.

They also mixed in grasses for height and texture

Clustering pots together can help to cool the air temperature and adds moisture to the air. This also gives more impact to smaller containers when they are clustered together.

Containers help to soften hard scape areas.

The next pictures are some containers that we saw around town near Nottingham Park.

It is important to remember that the most beautiful containers are the most crowded ones. This is one time when more is better in the garden

When you crowd the plants in it forces them up and out which gives the planter a much more beautiful look. Because of this there is a higher need for water and fertilizer to keep the plants healthy.

The next time you stay at a hotel be sure to check out their garden. You might be amazed at some of their ideas that can be used in your home garden.
Until next time.
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Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

What a wonderful post! I agree with you, there are lot of ideas in hotels'gardens. Thanks for showing us these pictures. I love the containers' combinations. You have a great Sunday!

Urban Green said...

Loved the combinations. Truly a treat. You've given me some brilliant ideas too :)

Jan said...

I, too, have found inspiration from good commercial planting design. I wish more businesses would plant gardens to improve the local landscape esp. in urban areas. Great post.

Always Growing

Martha said...

You can get great ideas from commercial landscaping -- things to put together and the like. Great post!

June said...

Beautiful!!! So much color has put me in the best mood. I think that aspens and spruce together in a berm is such a lovely combination.

Connie said...

One doesn't have to look too far for inspiration. Thanks for sharing this.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

In New England there are a lot of B&B's with gorgeous cottage gardens. I always get inspiration from them too. Thanks for sharing pics of all these beautiful containers! -Jackie

Susie said...

I'm not a big fan of petunias but those purple ones are outstanding. All these gardens and containers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

you are right Deb...great ideas...

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Debra~~ I can see what you mean. I love the color combos and the shrubs too.

Brad@Container Gardening said...

Wonderful container garden pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
I wish I could use some of them on a website that I have......."hint, hint"

Tracey said...

What spectacular photos!!! Sadly, just about all of my flowers are dead now that we have had our first frost...I will miss seeing the beautiful flowers...until Spring is back!

:) T

Q said...

I also enjoy looking at hotel plantings and city landscaping. It does give me ideas. I like to grow herbs in big pots on the deck. I brought in two huge lavender plants for winter. One of the plants I put in the bedroom. It is in full bloom and smells delightful! Lavender is a "Home Spa" sleep aid.
Wonderful post.
Thank you.