Colorado Garden Art

While on vacation in Colorado we saw lots of garden art ideas. I think garden art is important to your garden because it gives interest during the winter months when nothing is growing or blooming. It also adds an extra bit of punch to the blooming garden. Garden art can be the largest of professionally made art pieces, old collected junk pieces, and anything we use to decorate our gardens with. I thought I would share some of the cool things we saw.

I thought this old propeller was a really cool piece that could be put in a garden.

We saw some really amazing statues in all the towns we visited.

I have seen things like this wagon used many times but it never fails to please me when it is used in a beautiful garden.

I thought this statue was really sweet.

Doesn't this guy bring a smile to your face? I loved him.

I thought this pole was really different but cool.

I can see something like this towering in a cool flower bed.

What a child pleasing piece of art

Rocks are definitely included in my garden. I would love some that are this big.

I loved all these. I have also seen real bicycles placed in gardens.

Can you see the rope with the pine cones strung onto the fence? Not sure how they were attached but it looks so cool added to the fence.

This wasn't in a garden but he would look really nice in one.

Isn't this tile wall beautiful?

Another beautiful art piece.

I loved the mine car used as a planter.

I would love one of these clocks. They always look so classy

This bench was made of old skis. I loved it. I hope I stimulated your creative side this time. Look around, you might be surprised at what you have that would make awesome garden art for your garden.
Until next time.
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Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wonderful! The pole with rocks,the snowman and the bench are my favorites! Thank you so much!

Rosey Pollen said...

Where do I begin? I love the ski bench, the red wrought iron fence, basically all of these are fabulous! I live in Colorado. Another place with great statues and art is Golden. There are so many statues in this little city.
Thanks for posting these, Much appreciated.

Stella said...

Love the ski bench. Since we have a lake house I was thinking I could use water ski to make one. Thanks for the great idea. The old mine car filled with flowers has is also very appealing. Thanks for sharing.

Bren said...

So what do you think that ROCK tower was all about? I love it. It would totally match the rocks in the BGgarden. I might try that in one of the beds.
THanks for sharing and Happy Autumn.

Susie said...

Hey Deb, I love all these decorations. That rock tower is pretty neat looking. Who would have ever thought?

The tile wall is really cool too! I love towns that really decorate their outdoors like this.

Tootsie said...

there are some really great ideas in here!!! thanks for sharing them!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I haven't been by in some time and I am so glad I came this early morning. What fantastic garden art...and beyond. Thank you so much for your photo's and sharing them with us!

Beach Vintage said...

I just love that big propeller. It does look fabulous in the garden.

Titania said...

It makes a garden interesting and is also fun. I have sworn I will never have a garden gnome...alas little Frederic is poking out his tongue at me!

Darla said...

I love them all!!

Tracey said...

Hi Debbie! Looks like you had a great vacation!!

There is a farm in a nearby town that has this old vintage truck parked in the yard and the back of it is completely filled with dirt and over flowing with flowers in the summer...I always think it is so cool when I drive by it!

:) T

BPOTW said...

Some very clever ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Janean said...

miner's car was my fav!

Inger said...

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. Have a nice day!

Martha said...

Love garden art and especially when you put the unexpected in a garden -- charming!