Colorado Container Gardens

While on vacation in The Vail Valley we visited Breckenridge, Colorado. I began taking pictures as soon as we came into town and could not stop till we left. There were so many beautiful things to capture in a photograph. The pictures below are of some of the container gardens we saw while visiting.

There were containers filled with beautiful flowers everywhere I looked.

There were many styles of containers.

And there were many combinations of colors and textures using flowers.

I had the best time

I loved the way all these in the brick planter were shorter varieties in colors opposite each other on the color wheel. That is always a hit.

I loved this mass of petunias with the other flowers tucked in here and there

All the light posts near the shopping area were decked with gorgeous planters

Nearly every building had a planter of some sort.

How lovely it must be to sit and enjoy a meal with so many beautiful flowers around you.

The combinations of planter types and flowers and colors were endless.

I wonder who got the privilege of planning such beautiful planters for all the light poles?

I could have honestly spent many days here just walking and taking pictures

All of the shoppe owners did such a wonderful job with their containers

I wonder if it was all planned by the community or if it just started with a few containers and grew to a city full of container gardens?

Oh how I wish more cities would embrace this idea of beautiful container gardens everywhere.

because it makes Breckenridge, Colorado a place I would definitely like to visit again

Until next time.
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Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog from another one. Your Colorado containers caught my eye-as did the fact you live in Texas!

This area in Colorado reminds me of Crested Butte where we go almost every summer. Like you, I wish more towns would have these planters. I think Gruene and Fredericksburg have some, and I think a few stores in McKinney have conainers. It is so hot here, it is probably lots of trouble to water.

Really like your blog..I'll come back to see you soon!

Susie said...

I've never visited Breckenridge but after seeing this pics I would love to. Those containers are gorgeous. It would have taken me forever to see the town for having to stop and take photos of those beautiful flowers.

Deb said...

I love container gardens....you really got some great photos....

cherry said...

what a beautiful post and place to visit.
Thanks for sharing. hugs, Cherry

Urban Green said...

Awesome! Great job, you've take a lot of effort and time to capture them.

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Fantastic photos.

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