What's Up With That?

There are several reasons why I began this blog. I am one of those people who has an almost insatiable need for knowledge. I like to be in the know. I'm not really sure why; I just do, maybe so I can be prepared like good Girl Scouts are. As I have moved through life I have noticed the mile markers that I have been warned by the previous generation about but there have been some that were a complete and total shock to me. In writing this blog my goal is to definitely share with other ladies my age. I also want to give a little notice and warning to the younger generation on some things that were quite a shock to me and maybe even give the older generation a chuckle or two as they remember. . .

One of the issues that has been a complete shock for me has been hair. The previous generation did a great job of preparing me for puberty but what happened with all the other information? I heard a little about menopause but they forgot to tell me about the stuff in between like pregnancy and perimenopause. What's up with that? Because of all this I have nominated myself as the one who will tell you everything. So here goes: Warning to the next generation: You are probably beginning to have this happen already but just in case you haven't yet . . . Sometime in your life (it happened to me in my late 20's thru early 30's) you will suddenly begin to grow hair on your face. I am not speaking to the boys. I am speaking to the girls. Yes, it is true. Oh how I wish I had been warned instead of finding out so cruelly one day when I flipped that visor down to take a glance in the mirror. The light was really good that day and oh my was I shocked. That is the day my tweezers and I became very good friends. At first I thought maybe it was just me. I wondered if I was having a hormone issue or something. Embarrassment and decorum kept me from knowing differently. (we didn't have the Internet then.) I have since learned about different ways this can be dealt with such as bleaching, waxing, scissors, (don't tweeze), laser, drugs such as Vaniqua, and electrolysis. This list grows by the day. I have tried most of these methods. Which one you choose is a personal choice.
I also feel the need to warn that there is a reason why many ladies in the older generation have to draw their eyebrows on. Apparently as we move into our 40's they stop growing quite so well. I used to have the fastest growing eyebrows on the block but I am noticing the slow down so I am much more careful with those tweezers lately. Hopefully I won't have to draw my eyebrows on. When I think of all this I am wondering again, What's up with that? Why does the hair begin to grow where I don't want it and stop growing where I do want it to? Some day maybe the Lord will see fit to give me that knowledge. While I am on the subject and just so you know; I have another warning that the previous generation kindly let me in on (it's about time) Apparently the hair on my head is not the only place that turns gray. Note to the previous generation: Thanks for the 411, please, please, please keep it coming.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for any of the recommendations in this post.
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Deb said...

thanks for the warning...it is amazing how you can look in the mirror and everything is fine...20 minutes later you have a 2 inch hair growing out of your chin....