Chickens Everywhere and Watermelon Too

Here I am again. I'm late. I know it just seems that life has been happening lately. I guess it is likely to do that at times. I did get some great new pictures for you to see though . . .
All these pictures are from the home of a dear friend named Sarah.

My friend Sarah collects lots of things and every time I visit her home her displays are completely different. This time she had her chicken and watermelon collection out.

Sarah has excellent skills in displaying a group of items as you can see.

It is always so fun to visit her home and see what new and wonderful ways she has found to display her collections.

Washing dishes is so much more fun when you are surrounded by things you love to see.

Sarah is also excellent at the art of lighting her home. She finds ways to mix lights into her displays so that every corner is bright and cheerful.

It looks like Sarah spends tons of money on her collections but in truth she finds most of her items at huge discounts or at garage sales and many things are given to her as gifts.

One cool thing is that when Sarah gets this collection out again next year it will be displayed completely different which makes it seem like all new items. It is amazing to me how moving something to a new spot can completely make it seem new.

I visited a while back and I know I helped her display those green dishes in her bedroom and now here they are in the kitchen.

I have a funny story about the picture below. . . This is a picture of her hood over the stove. Do you remember the colors of appliances back in the 60's and 70's. Well this hood was harvest brown. So was the previous stove. The stove finally bit the dust and so Sarah went to town to find a new one. As you can see she bought stainless steel. When she priced the hoods she was shocked at their cost. She still loved her old one but it just didn't look right with the new stove. I am one of those kind of people who will paint anything and I have painted on just about every kind of surface I can think of. So being the kind of friend I am I suggested that we paint that hood her favorite color. She was daring and so it was decided. We have learned to not ask the hubby when we decide to try something like this because sometimes they lack the vision that we do. We have learned that sometimes it is easier to just do it and let them be impressed with our results. This almost always works. Well the day came and her hubby left for work leaving us with just enough time to finish our job. We scrubbed the hood down with SOS pads to clean any residual grease and to give the metal some tooth. We then began spraying the hood with some amazing paint called Fusion by Krylon. (This stuff works on so many things) I began to spray and spray and spray. I was underneath the hood working and soon began to realize that the fumes were not dispersing very well because the hood was capturing them. My friend Sarah brought a fan to help disperse the fumes a bit. We never imagined what would happen next. We had not put down much paper to cover the things that were close so we would catch any drift because I had done this before often and had no problems keeping the spray where it belonged. I had never done this before with a fan. We learned a very valuable lesson that day. The fan caused the paint to drift and dry and before we knew it her entire house had green dust everywhere. I helped her clean the kitchen before the hubby got home thinking we got it all. Soon I got a phone call telling me how she had spent days cleaning up the dust that was discovered everywhere. It was difficult to see until you were right on it or felt it. The hood did turn out just beautiful though.

By the way the ivy on the walls was another painting project we did while the hubby was away. He gets very nervous now when he hears I am coming because he knows there are changes coming too. I guess we make life more interesting that way. I hope you have a great week. Hopefully I will really be back in a week this time.
Until Next Time

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blushing rose said...

WOW! She does have a collection,doesn't she. I've never seen this much ... interesting. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

You two are smart girls!! I know also not to ask hubby or mention anything before I do it. Just do it. Sometimes he doesn't even notice right away. He is in his own world. However if I ever ask him about changing something first he always says no. Like Nike says "just do it"

I love her collections. I have a soft spot for the chickens. I love chickens and roosters. What a great post.

♥ Rebecca