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I just returned from a trip with my dear hubby to Colorado. We had such a good time of rest and we enjoyed the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The food was fantastic and the hotel where we stayed was definitely a wonderful place to be pampered. We visited Avon, Colorado which is located in the Vail Valley. What a beautiful place. This is a place filled with trails to ride your bike on and hiking trails, and many outdoor activities. It was clear to me how important outdoor activities were to the people of this area which is great. Healthy food was everywhere. I was so pleased with how health conscious everyone in this area seemed to be. There was just one thing . . .

I was concerned because I saw many many people who had obviously spent much of their time in the outdoors. There were so many who had sun damage to their skin. Many of the ladies in this area did not bother with makeup and that is OK except that they are not receiving the benefit of the sun protection that makeup offers these days. I can not tell you how many beautiful women (and men) I saw who were aged prematurely because of the sun damage to their skin. I know this may not bother them because they were still very obviously beautiful with that healthy natural look except that I know that if they are getting that much sun exposure from the UVB rays which cause sunburn then they are also receiving damage from the UVA rays which cause cancer. I have a family member who had a great battle with melanoma and I can inform you that it is not as simple a cancer to fight as many probably believe. It is very dangerous and many give their lives to this cancer. Please . . . use sunscreen and apply it often. There are so many sunscreens out there in so many easy to use forms and it is so important. The industry is at present undergoing an overhaul in their UVA/UVB ratings. The Skin Cancer Foundation has a great website that gives up to date information on this. Check it out here. Be sure that you have the right rating in both categories and be sure to apply it often. A hat will also go a very long way towards protection. I also recommend that if you naturally have red hair then remember that your skin is much thinner and must be protected even more. The natural look is great but please please please protect that skin it is the only skin you get in this lifetime.
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streetsmart said...

first time here in your blog. it really makes me wonder why some people take UVB rays and too much sun exposure for granted. they seem to take for granted the risk of having skin cancer because of these.