The Bahamas

I'm back! Did you notice that I was gone? I didn't mean to be gone. I wasn't really gone. My dear hubby and I decided that because of the slow speed of our previous ISP we would change to a company that was much faster. We researched and we interviewed and we decided on a company. It was all set. July 1st was our big day. . .

After much trouble, tears, frustration and many days we are finally back online. I must give kudos to the technicians who work for our new company because had it not been for them I think I might have gone back to my trusty slower company. I am happy to have the faster speed of my new company and I am so happy to be back with you. I have missed all of you so much! I am sharing some more pictures that my daughter took while on her honeymoon. They cruised the Bahamas and Key West.
There are so many beautiful bright and beautiful sights around these islands

Have you ever noticed the bright colors that are used in some resort areas? I love them but if I dared paint my house these colors I would be ran out of town.

Those bright crazy colors are so charming here.

I love all the plants that grow in the tropics too

Their texture and colors are so amazing and exotic

I love all the pictures that my daughter took. It was almost as nice as being there myself. Maybe someday I will get to go too.
The names of their businesses really are funny too.

The names are really fitting with the location.

One of the things I think would be really cool about visiting places like this is how the locals are so laid back and never in much of a hurry.

I wonder if I could learn to enjoy that? Life seems to get so busy and fast. Why do we hurry so much?
I wonder if all our hurrying will be like that truck that zoomed past us this past week only to have us catch up to them at the stop sign a few seconds later?
That person didn't really get there much faster and we got to enjoy the countryside so much more.
Sometimes we need to slow down to see and enjoy what there is around us

It makes me think of my children too. When they were young I was so focused on getting them raised that many times I forgot to just enjoy them.

I think I will make a new resolution this day to enjoy the moment. I want to learn to enjoy what I have around me right now.

I want to learn to appreciate the things that I can see when I slow down a bit.

even the things that seem a bit odd.

I want to learn to see the beauty and appreciate it.

I want to learn to stop and listen. Can you hear it? I hear that voice telling me that if I can learn these things that I can experience more peace.

Have a great peace filled week!

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ClassyChassy said...

Enjoyable reading, and yep, it is great to slow down!!! Internet can be frustrating - we are looking for a cheaper 'bundle' somewhere, but there are not any other servers in our area ---that makes it rough! The only alternative -? Dial up!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Lovely, colourful pictures - I particularly liked the coconut palm! A

Loretta said...

Amen to that Debbie! What beauty can be found all around us if we stop and take the time to see it. The pics from the Bahamas are gorgeous. I hope you get to visit there someday. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Loretta

KBeau said...

Glad you are back. Sometimes speed is a good thing, especially when it comes to ISP's. Beautiful pictures.

mbkatc230 said...

Welcome back! Beautiful photos and beautiful post Debbie. Funny you should say that about the islands being a slower pace. My DH is from the East coast, and he is just now (after 28 years) getting used to our "slower pace". He'd probably lapse into a coma if we moved to an island lol. Kath

Laura said...

What beautiful photographs. I wanted to be there, enjoying it all! It is so hot down in South Texas.

I enjoyed visiting,