Seeing Past The Ugly

It feels so good to be back. I took an unexpected and unwanted break from my blogs this past month. My dear hubby and I decided it was time for faster Internet. After much research and even interviews with other customers we decided on a new ISP. Needless to say things did not go quite as we had planned. The plan was to make the switch on July 1st. We did but then the new Internet and phone lines did not cooperate. This caused much upset, delay, frustration and even tears. Thankfully the new company had some wonderful technicians who continued to work on the problems until they were fixed. I am so pleased to be back and at a faster speed. Despite the huge inconvenience and frustration there were good things that came out of the situation. I was able to scan into digital all of my old photographs along with all of my mom's. (it was calming and therapeutic). If all that ugly business had not happened I might not have got that done.

This week I would like to share a project I did. My husband and I started out in the furniture store looking for a new table and chairs for our kitchen. There just wasn't anything that really suited. Finally I decided on a plain black table and chairs that had seats covered in tan suede. They were not ugly exactly but they did not have the personality that I longed for. I could however, see past what they were to what they could be. . .

Almost as soon as we got home with them my husband and I laughed about how funny it was to have brand new furniture that we were recovering. We covered that really nice suede with some Mary Engelbreit fabric. and we painted the cross pieces on the back of the chairs bright red.

It took several months before I decided to do a bit more. . .

I loved how the chairs turned out and so with much urging from my dear hubby . . .

I painted on the table.

I added polka dots and checks . . .

And bright red cherries.

It turned out so great.

And I was so pleased.

It fit into my kitchen so well.

So, I decided to keep going and painted some cherries on the chairs too.

I didn't let the plain Jane look of the furniture stop me. Many of my very favorite things are like this. They start out looking one way but in the end I look past that to see what they could be. I have learned to do that with people too. It really opens my world up so much and has brought some wonderful people into my life because of that. I don't try to fix the people I just love them and help them see past the ugly to what can be. . .

When you start with that it is amazing what kind of fruit you get in the end.

Have a wonderful fruit filled week!
Until Next Time

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Stacey said...

Hi Debbie and welcome back! That internet stuff is very frustrating isn't it? Thank goodness you are back in business.

Your table and chairs are adorable! I love your handpainting. Mary Engelbreit would be proud. :)

blushing rose said...

AWESOME!!! How creative you are! I love it. Internet, sminternet ... drives me nuts! TTFN~ Marydon

PS Pop over & visit my post today please.

Rebecca said...

WOW!! I would love to eat at a table so pretty. You did fantastic, and that is an understatement. I have the same "problem" as you, when ever i see something i see what i am going to make it into. i love those pictures in my head.
♥ Rebecca @ Belle Blog

FlowerLady said...

You did a wonderful job and your kitchen looks fantastic.