I Owe You An Apology

I need to apologize to you for a couple of things. First, I apologize for the lengthy time that I have been away from my blogs. It was not intentional or desired. My dear hubby and I decided to change our ISP so that we could have a higher speed. After much trouble and due to the amazing diligence of some technicians with our new ISP we are back online. I also apologize for the way my blog has been more of a commercial than what I intended. The time away has helped me to see that. I realized that I want to share many things with you besides another new product or book. Those things are good and I will share more with you but I do not want that to be all this blog is about. Please bear with me as I take a new turn here.

I want to start anew with something that all of us need but few of us get. What I am talking about is rest and relaxation.
When is the last time that you found a comfy chair and just relaxed or took a nap or listened to the birds sing?

Do you ever just lay back and watch the clouds?

Do you ever just find a beautiful place to relax and unwind? Maybe sink your feet in some sand or play in the water? What does all this have to do with our beauty regimen? Research tells us that stress and the lack of sleep are some of the leading causes of premature aging and illness. So, if you are looking for a way to look and feel younger then be sure to add rest and relaxation. Remember that there is no reason to worry because worry does not fix anything.

Instead find a place where you can be comfortable and just rest. I have found that my quiet times with the Lord are so rejuvenating for me. Just sitting and quietly listening to Him whisper renews me. Resting in His peace restores me. And many times I come away with a new solution to my problems.
Have a restful and peace filled week.

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connie said...

Glad your back!! Stop by I am having 2 Giveaways. Connie

Catherine said...

Know you are missed when you are away~but no apologies needed! :) A very good reminder & advice~awww the thought of it, setting in a chair relaxing, doing nothing but cloud gazing! My husband is always asking me why I have so many places to set in my garden but never take the time to just set and enjoy the garden~ I try, just always something that catches my eye, a weed needing pulled, a flower blooming I hadn't noticed, something needing a drink of water, or I spy a beautiful photo to be,& I'm off to get my camera...but yes, we all need to rest and relax~ & enjoy a peaceful,restful Summer!! ~Wishing you and all of you're readers that kind of week! :)
You're captures are truly beautiful!!

Elise said...

Hello, you have such a beautiful blog I just had to leave you a small note to say thank you for sharing it ! You have written some lovely interesting and creative posts, and you have great pictures too. Perfection !

Best wishes....