Summertime Giveaway

It is summertime now. I love lots of things about summer. I love the smell of newly mown grass, the sound of the sprinklers running. I love how clear the stars are in the sky at night. Lots of times I see falling stars in summer and that thrills me. I love summer picnics, and barbecues. This weekend there will be fireworks in celebration of our nation's 233rd birthday. I love the proud displays of red, white and blue all around neighborhoods and in parades. I enjoy playing in the water whether it is in a pool or a water park or at a lake. The mornings are amazing in summer. I love watching the light come into the sky and and hearing the birds sing. There are so many things I could name that I see as beautiful things about summer. I know there must be things you love about summer too. I would love to hear what your favorite things are about summer.

I decided to host a giveaway this week. I am running behind on my post due to some internet problems but they are lined out now so my giveaway will end on Thursday July, 6th. I am giving away these adoreable tin signs. Anyone can enter by leaving me a comment on your favorite things about summer. I am looking forward to seeing summer through your comments.
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Stacey said...

Hi Debbie. :) I'm glad you are enjoying your hot summer. We are too although it's been very busy. The pentas on your sidebar are very pretty. That's one of my favorite plants. They can really take the heat.

It's so sweet of you to have a give away. The signs are adorable!

Lisa said...

Oh where to start! I love the warm evening breezes. And we are having the best fireflies (lighting bugs as we call them in the south) that make a magical glow in the back yard at night! It is so cool! I love seeing my doggies wonder around in the back yard in the sun spots just enjoying being outside! I also love newly mowed grass smell! Thanks for offering a sweet giveaway!
Hugs, Lisa

Laura said...

Your blog looks beautiful. It is such a refreshing place to visit.


Maya said...

I love the smell of freshly cut grass too..., the warmer air, the sounds that come off the boats in the evenings when they're moored..., and of course having dinner out on the porch. Have a great celebration!

Stella said...

Hi, Thanks for visting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I love my porch, my flowers blooming but most of all I love watching my grandchildren jump off of our pontoon boat and come up laughing. Have a wonderful and safe 4th.

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Debbie! I look forward to picking my tomato's and green peppers from my garden and making my homemade pasta sauce...I also look forward to putting watermelon rind and fruits out by my garden and watching the bunnies much and sun themselves late in the afternoon.

Catherine said...

Hello Debbie! You have the most wonderful give aways! The tin signs are adorable~shabby shic ~match my decor perfectly :)~ And that's what your beautiful blog does every time I visit~inspires me & I begin to daydream!:)

My favorite things about Summer~hmmm...so many, but mostly growing things,nurturing them watching them grow, & reaping the rewards, being outside, enjoying the sights scents & sounds, lazy days frolicking in nature~the slower pace of things..Fruit,the warmth of the sun, the beautiful summer star filled skies, & let me not forget the Beach in Summer~fall winter & spring actually! Ok,I love the beach~ I'm rambling...I hope you and your family had a beautiful 4th, & holiday weekend!

Bonnie said...

The warmth of the sun on your skin, smells of freshly cut grass, hot dogs on the grill. The sound of windchimes tinklinig in the breeze, a distant lawnmower. The taste of fresh watermelon on a hot day and a big glass of ice tea on the porch!

Country Girl said...

The plesant weather, the ocean on a beautiful day, fireflies, summer drinks on the patio, alfresco lunches, bare feet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I love summer too! It is my favorite time of year! I love so many things. I love having my boys home from school, the smell of a bondfire, the taste of BBQ, lemonade on the porch, walking on the beach, beautiful blooms, the sounds of frogs in the distance while I sleep, a light rain on the roof at night, the fresh breeze flowing through the screen door, so many wonderful things! this was so much fun! Thank you :)


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

How do you keep up? I run and run and still never get to everyone...and always feel so honored when someone stops by and visits me! Thank you so much!! I would not have discovered you otherwise...and I would have MISSED something great!

Titania said...

Hi Debbie; You have a lovely blog with beautiful posts. Love your pink flower show. In my garden are many pink flowers. It is such a delightful colour and comes in so many nuances. Thank you so much for stopping by and your nice comment.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hmmmm. I like afternoon rainstorms in summer. It cools everything. It's a chance to stay in and watch the clouds roll through. (Our summer is deadly here...so any cahnce of reprieve is wonerful!)

terrylee said...

hey debbie! thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message. so good to hear from you!

your blog is always so lovely and inviting. it's a true pleasure and joy to visit.

being a fellow texan, you know how oppressive our summer heat can be. but i do enjoy getting out in the early mornings, sitting on my patio with a cup of caffeine and watching the birds play in my garden and fight over the feeder. :-)

then i go inside and hibernate in the coolness of my house for the rest o' the day! haha

terry lee

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love my garden in the summer! Everyday there's something new growing! Yesterday I went out and saw that I had one white eggplant. I've looked at that plant everyday and suddently one day there's a small eggplant. Amazing!


Michelle said...

Hi Debbie! Hope you had a wonderful 4th and ohhhhh...I would LOVE to enter your giveaway!!! Count me in. :) Sounds like you're having a nice summer so far. :)