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Oh wow is it hot outside! We have had temperatures soaring well over the century mark this week. Since I have moved into my 40's I have noticed that I have to take extra care of my feet during the summer months. If I did not take care of them then you would be able sand a piece of wood with them. I can not believe how rough they can get. I have discovered that if I will use a bit of my Alpha Hydroxy acid product on my feet before applying moisturizer that it seems to really help the moisturizer to work better. If you have trouble with smelly feet then soak them in tea. You read right just put some warm team in a pan and soak your feet. The tannic acids will help to kill the bacteria which cause the unpleasant odors.

When summer comes and I wear sandals and slides then I like to keep my toe nails polished with a hot pink polish (my favorite). I found this great color by OPI. OPI has a great product with a huge collection of colors to choose from at a reasonable price.

During the summer we tend to travel more and I found this great facial cleaning product, Loreal Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes, that are so easy to use when I am on the move. They remove all my makeup and leave my face feeling clean but not dry. I love that they have vitamin c in them and that they only cost me $6.97 for 30 towelettes.
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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good tip, especially the face wipes! I am always looking for something to use on the go. Thank you!