Destination Weddings

When I wrote about my daughters' trip to Nassau in my last post I did not tell you why they travelled there. My oldest daughter was getting married. She had dreamed of a wedding on a beautiful beach and her dream was coming true.

They had their wedding on a beautiful beach in Nassau

She was a beautiful bride.

A dream wedding in a dream place.
Her father and brother and I were not able to attend. We would have loved to have been there for such an important day. The wedding was our gift to the couple and finances didn't allow for us to attend. I do not regret it though because she had the beautiful wedding that she had always dreamed of.

With the money we gave the couple they were able to have their wedding, a cruise around the Bahamas, and a couple pieces of furniture.
We had two weddings in 8 months and I have to say that destination weddings definitely take the stress out of the picture. You can have as much or as little as you desire for your wedding. They will provide the place, the preacher, the photographer, the flowers, the cake and anything else you desire.
Our younger daughter was her bridesmaid.

As you can see the photographer did a wonderful job on their pictures and they get the disc along with the rights to use the pictures as they please.

After the wedding was over they boarded their ship and there was a celebration waiting for them at dinner. They were honored with the first dance of the night.

The destination wedding was reasonable in price especially when you consider how much stress you avoid by letting someone else do the preparations.

The couple was very happy with their wedding.

They were able to take some of their friends with them on the cruise and they had a blast.

Their only regret was that it had to end so soon.

They had a beautiful start

To what we pray is a beautiful life.

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Loretta said...

Oh my! What a beautiful wedding! The location was perfect. I can see why your daughter wanted to be married there. Your daughter was an absolutley stunning bride and her groom was very handsome! They look so much in love. May God bless them richly as they start their lives together. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. Hugs, Loretta

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Debra, I love weddings!! and this one looked beautiful, the bride was gorgeous the groom was handsome.... and what a perfect dress for a beach wedding... That was a very nice gift to give them...have a great day! hugs, Jennifer

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful present you gave them, so unselfishly. The cost of a wedding is frightening nowadays. I've said to my teenage daughter that she should feel free to elope!

A Joyful Chaos said...

How very lovely! Thanks for sharing.