Summertime In Texas

We have had a beautiful spring this year in Texas. The wildflowers bloomed and the trees budded out into their green glory. The birds began to sing and the creeping and buzzing things returned. I see fireflies at night and butterflies during the day. The hummingbirds are buzzing around our feeder. We have been having bright blue skies with huge fluffy clouds that develop into thunderstorms. And I have a new litter of kittens. We are quickly passing from spring into summer. Very soon the temperatures will begin to rise. The days will get much longer and the pastures will no longer be green. I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately so my dear hubby drove me around the country this past Saturday to cheer me up. I snapped a few pictures to share with you. I thought you might like to see what it is like here as Spring changes into Summer in Texas.

There are still wildflowers blooming in the fields. They change colors from the bright colors of spring to yellow, orange and purple during the summer. The cattle are fat and happy out in the pastures. The grass is plentiful and water is easy to find.

The farmers are bringing in the last of their wheat harvest here. It wasn't the best harvest that I have seen but I know The Creator will see His people through.

During wheat harvest the farmers cut day and night as long as the wheat is dry enough. It is a race to get the harvest out of the fields before it rains again. Every time it rains the harvesters are left waiting until things dry out enough to cut.

The combines cut the grain heads off the stalk. When the combine is full it will pull alongside a large truck and dump its load into the truck which will then carry the load to the nearest grain elevator.

I live in an area that is surrounded by many ranches. On this day we were out around one of the Ranger Creek Ranch houses. Ranger Creek has several ranch houses all over the area that they rent out to hunters and tourists and such.

These cattle were out on the Ranger Creek Ranch.

Ranchers who raise livestock each have their own brand that is registered. Their livestock is branded with this mark and that helps designate who the livestock belong to. You can see the Ranger Creek brand on their gates and their sign. Believe it or not there are still cattle rustlers. In Texas we have Southwest Cattle Raisers Association which has law enforcement officers who are a branch of the Texas Rangers. These particular Rangers investigate livestock theft across Texas and Oklahoma.

As times get hard the theft of cattle rises but I do not recommend trying it because we have some very fine Texas Ranger Officers who are great at their job.

I just love taking pictures of the cattle in the fields. They always seem so content. It would be good if we could learn that lesson to be content in all things. It can be a tough lesson to get though.

The sunflowers begin to bloom now and they will continue to bloom right into Fall. The fields and the ditches are covered with them. Many farmers and ranchers like to let them grow because the dove and many other birds like to make a meal on their seeds.

I just love the way the yellow flowers pop against the green of the pastures and ditches.

You should have seen me trying to get down low enough to get this picture with the sunflowers against the blue sky. Did you know that sunflowers follow the sun. If you will look closely in the pictures all the flowers are faced the same direction. As the sun rises they turn their beautiful faces towards the sun in the east and by the end of the day they are turned to the west. I guess maybe that is why they are called sunflowers.

The cattle in this pasture looked so cute peeking at me through the trees that I just had to snap another cow picture. I hope you enjoyed our drive through some of the countryside around Seymour, Texas.

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mbkatc230 said...

Thanks for the lovely drive! I just love sunflowers and the sight of fat happy cattle in pasture. My favorite commercial is the blue bell one with the gorgeous cows in "heaven". Thanks for the trip! Kathy

Debbie said...

Great pictures. I lived in Olney from 4th thru 10th grade. I think our football teams played one another. We were the Cubs. We moved to Dallas after that. I would have graduated with the class of '73'.

ClassyChassy said...

Great photos, and wonderful story! In Michigan, farmers are just finishing with 1st cut hay. We got some nice soft hay for our horses last week. Most horse people perfer 1st cut, but I like 2nd cut myself. Thanks for the nice look at your state!

Laura said...

Sunflowers are so cheery - love those pictures, and the cattle do look content! Stay cool this summer!

KaysWay said...

Looks wonderful. I remember traveling through the "panhandle" of Texas when I was a kid in the summertime. I remember the thunderstorms and the smell of the fresh mown hay in the morning.


Melissa Marie said...

I, too, love to watch the cattle graze in the fields. There is nothing like a good drive in the country to lift your spirits. My hubby and I have taken a few drives this past week (here in South Texas) to see the beauty of the spring to summer transition. I love driving past all of the farm fields and ranches...its a good reminder as to why I love Texas so much. ;) Thanks for sharing your pictures, I loved them!

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Debbie! I hope your feeling better :-) your pictures are so clear and vibrant..... what a nice trip you took us on! Hugs, Jennifer

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Oh Debbie! Seymore, TX looks like my kind of place! How peaceful!!!

Those cows look like they are posing for you~
and those flowers take my breath away!

Thanks as always for the peek into your world. I can see why you love it there!

French Cupboard said...

Oh to be like the cattle... content & fulfilled no matter what pasture they are in. =) Loved your thoughts.

Blessings... Polly

Linda said...

What a really interesting tour through your countryside. It's always fascinating to see farming activity - reminds us that people work hard to produce our food.