Starting A New Bed The No Dig Way

I played with my collage maker this week and I thought I would share some of my collages with you. These are random pictures from my garden and of my critters. They are best viewed in their enlarged version. Just click on them as on all blogger pictures and they will be enlarged for you.

I would also like to share a tip for starting a new no dig bed. Because I have Bermuda grass which is very very difficult to kill out even if you dig it. I begin by spraying my new garden bed spot with Roundup. I know all the objections to it and I do not want to start a firestorm about it. I never use it on beds where I plant for food. If you want a more organic way you can use Vinegar to spray with. After several days and making sure the Bermuda (or other grass) is dead is a step where others without bermuda can begin. Icover the entire bed area with several thicknesses of newspaper (at least 4) or you can use paper feed sacks. I make sure that all the ground is covered well. I then spread a bit of manure over that to get the organisms going. My next step is to put a 2 to 3 inch layer of organic mulch over the top. The bed is now ready to plant. I just poke a hole with my sharp shooter right where I want to plant. If I want to plant seeds then I put a bit of potting soil right in the spot over the mulch where I want to plant my seed. I have had great success using this method in even the worst of soil. By the next year I have improved my soil and I just continue to add mulch as it breaks down. The mulch helps keep weeds down and it helps your soil.
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Darla said...

I love your collages! I too use roundup from time to time. You wouldn't believe the people that use it and claim they do not. I use the newspaper as well. Post your flower beds..

Becca's Dirt said...

I will use this method with the next veggie area. Good tips. Your colages turned out nice. I bet it is fun making a colage.

June said...

I love the collages of all your blooms and I adore all those wonderful 'critters' you have. The siamese kitten is just too pretty. Great tip on starting a new bed.

Lorilee said...

Your collages are awesome. I love all the pink flowers. I use Round-up or other weed killer sometimes too! I think the only danger is accidentally getting it on the wrong plant while spraying!!

Deb said...

great tips...love the collages...

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Great idea! I just enlarged one garden bed but am eyeing another area now. The grass digging was the worst part. I'll try this method next time.
I love your collages. Is that a water lily in the pond? I've never seen one with such long stems before.

tina said...

Roundup surely has its purposes. If I had Bermuda I think I'd always have it in my hand, as it is it works great for poison ivy and honeysuckle here. The cat with pretty blue eyes is so pretty!

Susie said...

Nice collages. I started to say I like the animal ones the best but it's hard to beat that pink one.

Q said...

I so enjoyed all your photographs but I especially enjoyed seeing your Giant Swallowtail Butterfly! They are gorgeous!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I was delighted when I saw that you had chosen to follow my blog...but I am not sure I have all that much to offer.
I was delighted when I found you and at first was not sure which blog to go to..so clicked on this one...and...there...right in front of me was EXACTLY the information I wanted to know!
I want a garden so badly and have nothing but grass. I thought I would make a raised bed but I was discouraged by the thought of getting rid of all that grass. AND crab grass that wants to take over. Then I read this and there is my answer! Thank you so much for taking the time to lay it all out so clearly
I will build the frame...set it on the grass and very carefull spray, then layer and then add the rest.
Now...what is a "sharp shooter"..it sound interesting. Would you mind emailing me?
Thanks again! I am off to visit your other blog!

joey said...

Lovely photos and cute critters ... thanks for sharing. June garden blessings!

texasdaisey said...

I just picked up the June issue of Southern Living (yes, I read that one too) I was surprised to find a very similar method of the No dig garden in that issue on page 50. You might check it out. It was a great article and gave some great benefits to no dig gardening as well as some beautiful pictures.

Rhondi said...

Your collages are beautiful! I'm sure it must really relaxing living in a small town in Texas. I love Texans. You're all so friendly! Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm so glad because now I can come and visit you too!
((hugs)) Rhondi

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Thank you again for sending me the photo..and tomorrow after church...we are going to get my new "sharp shooter!" My husband thinks I am funny for being so excited over a gardening tool..but..just wait. He will want to use it...I just betcha!
Hugs for the hint!!

Tatyana said...

Debra, thank you for the tip! I can surely use it when I creat a new flower bed because my soil is sand and rocks. Your collages are wonderful! Thanks for your comments on my blog!!!

debbie said...

Greetings my garden friend,
my dh prepares the soil just like you do with round up for our flower gardens.
I enjoyed reading your posts about your roses and I did not know until now what the space was called between the sidewalk...the example you showed was truly beautiful
what a blessing you are and I loved your inspirational post about there being no perfect thing.....that was right on.
I know what aphids are and I didn't see them on my roses so I must have a fungus on mine.

Maya said...

My husband just planted a pink rose bush..., and I love it. Your garden is so amazing, I wouldn't even know where to begin.