Smooth Summer Legs

I thought I would try to add some tips for foods and spices that can help you. I just love finding foods and spices that have great benefits. There are some common spices that most people have that can be very helpful to you. One of those spices is cinnamon. Cinnamon can help with menstrual cramps. I know it seems hard to believe but this is something I and my daughters have used for years. I make a cup of hot tea and then stir it with a cinnamon stick for 10 minutes. When I don't have cinnamon sticks then I stir 1/2 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon into the tea. This method is more drastic because the cinnamon does not mix into the liquid and so it isn't as pleasant to drink but it does help. Within the hour of drinking this my cramps usually subside.
Another common spice that has some great uses is ginger. I make ginger tea to help with nausea. I just take a hot cup of water and mix in 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and some honey to taste and drink it. It almost always helps my nausea.
I do want to warn you to be careful even with common spices like these. Cinnamon has blood thinning and sugar lowering qualities to it and so too much of a good thing can be very bad. I would especially be careful of using it too much if you are taking any kind of blood thinning medicine.

I was shopping in Bed Bath And Beyond this week and I found Smooth Away so I thought I would give it a try. I am always looking for anything that can help with hair removal on my body and face. I don't know what happened but when I turned 30 it was like I was taking hair growth serum for all the hair on my body except the top of my head. What is the deal?
Anyway, I found this and tried it out this week.

It came with the large applicator and the small one. It also had 3 extra applicator pads for each of the applicators and a nice travel case to hold it all in. Smooth Away was easy to use, fairly quick and it made my legs very soft and smooth. I tried the the small applicator on my face and I had great results there too. It was painless, required no water or extra things and there was no mess. It scores high on my list of recommendations.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for any of the recommendations in this post.
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Melissa Marie said...

I found Smooth Away at the "As Seen on TV" aisle at Walgreens. (Always a very dangerous aisle for me. I'm a sucker for infomercials, but never actually buy anything...until I see it at Walgreens. haha) Anyway, I was shocked at how well it works! I will certainly try the cinnamon stick in the tea advice...sounds like it wouldn't taste half bad either. :)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Nice blog! And I could really use the advice since I'm over 40 myself. I've seen the Smooth Away on TV and wondered if it actually worked. Thanks for the review! I'll have to give it a try. -Jackie