I Have A Confession To Make

I have a collection of some very beautiful bowls. I just love pretty china. This bowl was painted by a dear friend of mine who has gone on to be with her Creator. She had a talent for china painting that just amazed me. I have many pieces of china that she has painted for me and they are all treasured.

Do you have certain bowls that you use for certain jobs? I do. I like to use this bowl to put fresh peaches in during the summer. It looks so pretty filled with peaches.

I love to keep fresh fruit on my counter and this is my bowl for beautiful sweet luscious peaches. I must confess that after shooting these pictures, I ate one of those peaches. It was so juicy and sweet and I enjoyed it immensely.

I have another confession to make. It is one that I have already confessed before on Behind My Garden Gate. I love magazines. I mean it I really do. I buy lots of magazines. My poor dear hubby can testify to this. I buy tons of garden magazines, decorating magazines, and beauty and fashion magazines as well as just general women's magazines. My friends have joked that those magazine companies should hire me to tell them if their magazine is any good or not because I always know. Now I do not just randomly go through the newsstand and pick up all the magazines. They have to pass a test before I will buy it. I quickly flip through it and I have to see at least 3 things in the magazine that interests me. This saves me from getting it home and discovering that I have really wasted my money. I thought I would share with you some of those that almost never get left at the newsstand by me.

Many of you ladies may not know about this one because it is probably regional but I must share it with you. Southern Lady is one of my favorites. If you can not find this one at your newsstand then go to their website or call them up and get a subscription. The subscription price is worth every penny. This magazine is absolutely beautiful. Even the ads are beautiful. It has floral pieces that are gorgeous, wonderful recipes, beautiful tablescapes, and articles about many interesting Southern women and their businesses. It also has articles about beautiful destinations to visit. I never leave this one behind and I keep almost all my issues of this one. It is one that I love to refer back to when I am decorating for a party because it has so many beautiful ideas.

Romantic Country is another favorite. It is full of beautiful pages of beautiful romantic rooms and gardens. This one never disappoints. I always find so many creative ideas to use in my own home and most of the pages have rooms and gardens decorated with garage sale and thrift store finds. That is how I decorate my house and so this one really pleases me. I keep all my issues of this one. I wish it came out more often. I am always so excited when a new issue of this one comes out.

Romantic Homes is another favorite. At one time I owned almost every issue even from before it Became Romantic Homes. I loved those issues so much I almost never loaned it out for fear they wouldn't come back. Some didn't. This one actually costs more for old issues than a new issue on ebay. The old issues are wonderful and I recommend them all. This magazine has beautiful shops, homes, and gardens featured in it. It also showcases some really beautiful romantic products.

When I am looking for ideas for a new project then Creative Homes is one of my favorite sources. This magazine is full of great projects and how to do them. It is always surprising to me how many new ideas they feature in every magazine. This is another one that I save almost every single issue of. I refer back to it often when I am working on projects. My friends like to use it when they do projects too. I probably should confess some more but I hate to completely overwhelm you with too many confessions. Have a great week.
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blushing rose said...

You are on the money with these magazines ... some of these actually did an articles on our business a few times. I can't pass them up either. Good choices. TTFN ~Marydon

Melissa Miller said...

Debbie those all sound great!

I will definitly pick up a copy of Southern Lady. Would you believe I have never read that one before?

I hope your summer is going well. ~Melissa :)

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Debbie! The bowl is beautiful and it's painter was very artistic.that is something you can pass down from generation to generation....I'm a magazine junkie too!! My favorite is Tea Time.....have a nice week too, hugs, Jennifer

Lisa said...

Beautiful bowl! I Love romantic homes too! Almost every issue lately has been just great. The vintage birthday in the new one is too die for!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

that bowl is soooo beautiful! Your friend was very talented. I love mags too..but have stopped buying them for the most part to save on money. BUT I will always browse them in the store. cherry

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love magazines too..but have broken my habit to some extent. I don't buy as many as I used to and it is probably because of blogging. I get my home decor fixes right here in Blogland. It's much better. I can talk to the poster of beautiful pictures...ask questions and get informitive answers....yep..my hundreds of magazine days are pretty much over! I buy a few..but very few. Ain't blogging grand?! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. Oops..I forgot to say that yes, I do have a favorite bowl. One I don't often use that has Hydrangea's on it. I probably have a special one for every kitchen cooking task I do. I love your bowl. It is just beautiful! And..even more special since it is painted by someone you knew and was dear to you.

Also...about magazines...my favorite is Romantic home...that one I ALWAYS buy! Now that I start looking...LOL...I think I buy more than I thought...

Karen said...

Wow, you've got some great blogs! I think I am now following them all lol! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Karen

Olive Rue said...

Hi Debbie. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back over here. I'm just been going crazy lately. I know what you mean about Romantic Homes. When I see the new issue I'm like a little kid.

cindy said...

I have yet to bite into a good Texas Peach this year...it has just not happened. Very disappointing. But I'm still looking! :D And yep, like you, I wish there was a mag-aholics group. It is very horrible. LOL. You've listed all my faves. Have you noticed a shortage in decor mags? Seems like there used to be so many more. And of course, I still mourn the loss of MEHC.

yapping cat

Beach House Dreamer said...

I hope I find Romantic Home and Creative Home magazine as online versions!

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

hi i too like those magazines you listed, the southern romance of beauty
proud to live in the south
your bowls are lovely
god bless you today, thanks for your post and encouragment to me

cityfarmer said...

I have a gene in my body for dishes!!!

thanks for stopping in
let's chat

bec4 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet note! I am a magazine-a-holic! So many of my faves are gone now :( Creative Home is one I love and Do It Yourself. Have a great weekend!

Beach Vintage said...

I have lots of mismatched bowls and use them for all sorts. Have a great weekend.

Andrea said...

My life is filled with magazines! There is not a day that goes by that I do not sit and go through at least one magazine. My Romantic Country and Cottage Style magazines are my treasures and I treasure them like fine jewels. I've tried to buy every back issue through ebay, but there are still some that I lack.

I love sharing little pleasures like this with fellow bloggers.