When The Weather Is Rainy

We have been having a lot of cloudy cool weather lately which is great for transplanting and planting. The plants seem to adjust so much better when planted in this kind of weather. As much as I have enjoyed the weather I have to confess that I look forward to the bright sunny days that are hopefully ahead. When the weather is rainy and too wet to get out into the garden I have several things I like to do. As I have written before, I like to read garden magazines. I also have several web sites that I like to visit. One of my very favorite web places is a place called GardenWeb. GardenWeb is an Internet garden community. It has a garden plant database and several forums. These forums are places where you can ask gardening questions and get many answers. There are some forums where you can even trade plants or seeds with people from all over the world. I have traded seeds and plants and I have found this method of acquiring new plants to be great fun. There are rules so if you decide to join into the fun please be sure to check out the frequently asked questions and the rules. This will keep you out of trouble with the post office as well as those you trade with.

Another really cool place I like to visit is a garden blog social website called Blotanical . Blotanical is a great place to meet many garden bloggers from all over the world. Blotanical also has forums where you can find information. I believe Blotanical has had a profound effect on my own garden blog. I have noticed that since I joined I have had many more followers and comments. Blotanical has become one of my favorite places to visit. They have a system that allows you to visit other blogs and "pick" your favorites. I quickly became addicted to picking out my favorite posts from other bloggers. I also enjoy their system of faving other blogs and bloggers. It is a fun friendly place to hang out that encourages visits and messages to other bloggers.
I have several garden helpers around, my chickens

This is fluffy

My two goats, Bert and Ernie are a bit shy. They love to help me mow.
This is Simba

My roses are getting ready to put on their large flush of blooms.

My hollyhocks have just started blooming

Another favorite thing of mine to do when the weather is rainy is to read garden books. This book by Howard Garrett is one of my favorites. It teaches all about organic gardening in Texas. One thing that is very different in Texas from other places is that when you are looking at the plant labels you pretty much ignore the lighting requirements. I have learned the hard way, that many plants that grow in full sun in other places need a little shade in Texas. Although this book is geared to the Texas Gardener I believe it is a great book to have on your shelf if you are an organic gardener or want to learn more about being organic.

This book by Better Homes And Gardens is another of my favorites. I like it because it is simple, has great pictures, and many how to's on gardening. These are only a couple of my favorites. I will try to share others with you in future. I have found that reading and studying about gardening is a great way to learn more and to help me avoid problems.

Something else I like to do in cool cloudy misty weather is to fertilize my plants and grass. It helps to keep the plants from being burned.

I have had many comments from gardeners who live in colder parts of the world and let me encourage you. I know how hard it can be to see so many things blooming already in my garden but soon it will begin to get very hot here and I will be looking at your pictures wishing for Spring weather again. I enjoy all your comments and I love visiting other blogs. Lately I haven't had the time to do that as much as I would like because of my busy garden season but please know, very soon when it gets hot, I will be avidly enjoying your gardens through your awesome garden blogs. There are so many plants that you can grow so well that are difficult and sometimes impossible here in Texas because of the heat. That is one of the very best things about blogs: meeting other great people, enjoying their gardens, homes and seeing other parts of the world.
Sahara and I are Looking forward to many wonderful gardening days!
Until Next Time

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cherry said...

rainy day here also playing on Blotanical getting caught up and all the beautiful blogs.
enjoy your day.
hugs, Cherry

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love both Blotanical and Garden Web. I've been going to Garden Web for years, lots of knowledgeable gardeners both places!
The plants do seem to like the rain, it seems like some rain followed by a sunny day makes everything double in growth. Love all of your cute garden helpers! I can't wait to see some hollyhocks blooming here too.

Connie said...

It must be rainy everywhere. SIGH...I am so longing for sunny warm days!
I also enjoy Gardenweb, and have traded many seeds there.
I love your hollyhocks against the weathered fence....it evokes such a nostalgic feeling in me. My mother and my grandmother both grew hollyhocks, and I grow them now, in memory of them.

Deb said...

pretty flowers...I am tired of the rain...we finally have sun shining today..love Bert and Ernie...

Debbie said...

Rainy day, garden books with tons of pictures, 3 snuggly kitty kats.... put on an afternoon pot of coffee, I'm coming over.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I have that Better Homes and Gardens book! The goats are so cute!

Susie said...

Girl, you got some beautiful blooms going on at your place. I love all your gardening kitties. They are so cute.

Are you a member of Blotanical? I joined it last year. You are right, you can meet lots of gardening folks at that site.

keewee said...

Hello Debbie, thank you for stopping by my blog, Keewee's Garden. I have not discovered Gardenweb yet, but will go check it out. I will be back to read Behind My Garden Gate on a regular basis, as it is always interesting to read what is happening in another part of this vast country.

Barbee' said...

Debbie, do you have any problem with something eating your hollyhocks? If you do, what do you do about it if anything. Mine look like lace before the season is over. I hope this year will be different.

Darla said...

and........we would like a little rain around here. Not 7 inches like before though. Sounds like you have plenty to do when it rains. You are so right, rainy and cloudy days are the best days to transplant and plant.

tina said...

I can just tell you are my type of gardener-one who thinks eats and breathes gardening and one who starts her profile the same way I started mine. "I am happily married..." Crepe myrtle is one of my faves too. I adore that dark purple iris you acquired with your house. So pretty! Never seen one quite so dark. Happy gardening to you. I can't seem to spend enough time in mine-moving plants, thinning, rearranging, pruning, deadheading. Sigh.

Dirt Princess said...

Simba looks like my Kiki, but Kiki has no tail! You can see her in all of her sweetness here:


Linda said...

Very comforting words to those of us in colder climates. Seeing your hollyhocks has reminded me that I meant to sow some this year. Too wet today, but at least I could pull some weeds in the patch where they're meant to go.

Do you use the milk from your goats?

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Debbie, don't worry about not posting; I am having a hard time getting much blogging time in, as well! Gardening awaits me every day...and it's so relaxing I just never want to come inside! I love the rainy days for transplanting...they seem to adapt better when it's cool and wet. I love the sunny days too. I hope you don't have to lose your blooms to the heat too soon!

Twisted willow said...

Looking at your hollyhocks and roses in full bloom it's hard to think that there's a downside to gardening where you are. Pleased to hear that you have a problem too! - even if it's heat rather the the cold and wet we're being blessed with here in Ireland at the moment. Thanks for the link to Blotanical - must go and look.

Eva said...

What a beautiful blog! Your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. My mother just recently became the owner of 3 goats and their kids, so now whenever I see someone with goats I smile even more :)

Catherine said...

Beautiful!! We too are having lots of rain~it just won't stop! But great ideas on what to do in misty wet weather!
Another terrific post Debbie~always a joy visiting you & your beautiful garden world!

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

I am not really a gardener, but my Dad is excellent at it!! I love your flowers, the chickens, your cats and Bert and Ernie:) You live in a story book:) Thanks for all your gardening websites and tips, very helpful! I also enjoy your insights about life, very excellent work, thanks for taking your time to share with us, your readers:)

Achava said...

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