What Is It About Birds?

As I took pictures of my birdhouses last week I began to notice that I have quite a few birdcages too. I have big ones, small ones, hanging ones, new ones, vintage ones, inside ones and outside ones. I am not going to show you all of them but I will share a few. What is it that attracts me? I am not sure. I love all their different shapes and I like to put pots of flowers in them. I really like them and when I find them at an estate sale or garage sale I buy them. Sometimes I will buy them new and I have had a few given to me too.

Lots of my birdcages get a coat of white spray paint

I don't have all of the pots filled yet

Naughty Babette she wanted in the picture too.

I wanted to also show you a scrapbook that my daughter made for me
It is made out of paper sacks and fabric and it is so cool that I thought you might like to see it.

My daughter's mother in law has started a business making these and she has many different themes you can pick from.

This one is obviously a garden theme

The pictures are of my family. Many of them are from when my children were much younger.

My daughter also used silk flowers, charms, buttons, and bows to decorate this scrapbook

It was just so unique that I thought you might like to see it. Of course I am a bit prejudiced because my daughter made it. If you would like to buy one ready for your pictures you can get yours at Rilla Bee owned by Beverly Bentley. You can contact Beverly by email at beverlybentley@yahoo.com
Until Next Time
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Lisa said...

I was just out and saw tons of little birds! I need a sweet one or two for some nests but I loved some little bird cage votive holders at Micheals they were great! Thanks for sharing, your daughters book!
Hugs, Lisa

For The Love Of A Teddy Bear said...

Your birdhouses are very pretty and what a sweet scrapbook....hugs, Jennifer

Tammy said...

Gosh your mothers day book is gorgeous! I love birds too. My theory is that we love that they are free spirits. I love the chubby ones the best.