The Textures of White

I am sharing some pictures of the textures of white from my home.  I hope you enjoy...

Until Next Time

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Joycee said...

We went to a B&B this past weekend and all of the cottage touches made the rooms so welcoming and fresh. I love white and need to use it more to brighten up our home. Thanks for all of the great ideas!
joy c. at grannymountain

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

I love all the white touches! White is such a romantic colour, I think. Really enjoyed your post. Have a great day.


Stacey said...

You do have some beautiful white touches in your home. Pretty shelves and the clock is gorgeous. I just love it when the light dapples through sheer curtains.

Lisa said...

What fun little touches! Love the clocks!
Hugs, Lisa

Catherine said...

I love all fo your beautiful white items..I think that is why I love decorating with white on white..the textures & the details really pop! I especially love the candle sconce in second shot..& those gloves..how beautiful!!
Great post!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wonderful post! Your photographs are beautiful! What a beautiful blog this is as they all are. :)
See you again soon!

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

we too love white, we have white curtains, antique white dresser, desk, table
white pillows, white walls, off white floors
white to meet is pure and reflects light, a clean look
all your photos are beautiful
check out on the blogs i follow, "just a little something for you", she too is a christian and has lots of beauty on her blog, i think you would enjoy it tremendously

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

i meant "white to me", not meet
your white bedspread is very cozy, comfy looking, very cottage like, i love it